WOD for Thursday 7/7/16

July 7, 2016

THURSDAY – Olympic

A) Snatch Pulls — EOMOM x 5 :  3 Snatch Pulls

B) 10 Mins work to a heavy single in the Power Snatch.  Cap yourself at 90-95% full intensity.

C) Work-  Competitors:  21-15-9 Snatch/ HSPU  @ 115/80.  Power or Full.  Fitness, Snatch at 95/55, substitute wall walk-ups for HSPU’s at 6-4-2 each round.



  1. Power snatch 165 PR previous 160
    WOD 8:46 Comp

    • PR! Yea buddy.

  2. 10:15 comp rxd

  3. My apologies to the 1:00 class this week for having to endure my temper tantrums. One week left in this Olympic program(competition next week😳) and well.. Let’s just say my #’s are not where I want them.. And that makes me say bad things. 🙈 I do have to celebrate a small 2 # PR yesterday in my clean and jerk (102 lbs). Can’t wait to do some burpees and pull ups with y’all real soon!

  4. Only 135 only the snatch
    13:48 comp rx

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