WOD for Friday 7-8-16. A monkey-stomping good time is headed your way!

July 8, 2016

First, please recall that there is no 6pm class.

So be advised,  while I’ve never programmed this before and have yet to do it myself, I’m fairly certain that this will deliver a good hard dose of “Everyone Will Suffer”.  please note the changes from Sunday’s original prescription:  the 5 burpee penalty for breaking up a set remains, but the weights/movements have changed.  This change puts a little more gameplay/strategy into the mix and should make it more fun for all.

Friday-  Long Duration

For time/ reverse ladder

25 Front Squats, 5 Toes To Bar

20 Front Squats, 10 Toes to Bar

15 Front Squats, 15 Toes To Bar

10 Front Squats, 20 Toes to Bar

5 Front Squats, 25 Toes to Bar

Competitors:  135/95 on the Fronts.  Toes to bar.  Fitness Athletes 115/75 is your Front Squat weight.  Knees to Chest is your toes to bar substitution.  Knees to chest is stricter than our normal hanging knee raise.  We’re asking you to contact your quads to your abs/ribs/sternum,  BUT  this is self-policed,  AKA the honor system, so….. (shrug).

Barbells come off the floor, so you must be able to clean the weight you choose to squat.

Any break in the set of Front Squats or Hanging Element and you must complete 5 burpees before continuing.  A break constitutes moving the bar off the front rack, so holding it at the hang, or putting it on your back would trigger the penalty.  Stopping at the top with the bar still in position is allowed.   On the hanging elements, letting go of the bar or putting some other bodypart on a surface (your foot on the wall, for instance) would trigger 5 burpees.  Stopping anywhere within the range of motion would not.



  1. Yeah. This looks horrible.

    See you at 5!

  2. I think I got 18:09 but can’t remember what I put on the board for sure. Comp rx

  3. Haha!! This workout was no fun.

    24:51 comp
    Pretty sure I did 55 burpees. That must be a record.

  4. 24:57 fitness

  5. 26:24 fitness with 25 burpees

  6. 14:34 (?) at 75lbs with toes to bar.

    I wanted to save my legs for the weekend. I think I did 25 or 30 burpees.

  7. 19:49 RX Comp. It took 4 minutes to do my last 25 T2B. DANG!!!!

  8. Comp Rx
    I’ve been avoiding T2B for about the last 4 months and it showed today.

  9. First time posting in a long while!
    16:21 @115 & scaled toes to bar with knees to chest. Happy that I was able to do all the front squats unbroken. Cheers

  10. i’m trying to follow doctor’s orders and not lift anything heavy for a couple weeks. I did a friday wod of some of michaela’s least favorite things: amrap 30min: 30cal ad, 10 crossover push up, 20 airsquat, 30 sit ups, 20 wall balls, 10 cross over push ups. i got through like 3.5 rounds. it was pretty pathetic.

    • I thought it looked pretty tough. It takes a lot to come in and get after it on your own.. Well done.

  11. I got capped at 128 reps in if competitor… Everything felt hard and everything hurt. And I am fat and out of shape.

    First round did 15 burpees for the squats
    Second round did 15 burpees for the squats and 5 for the T2B
    Third round did 10 burpees for the squats and 10 burpees for the T2B
    Fourth round did 5 burpees for the squats and 20 burpees for the T2B
    Fifth round 0 burpees for squats and 15 burpees for the T2B before I got capped.

    Apparently I should have done the fitness side

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