ANNOUNCEMENTS! BEACH WOD/Kids Camp & WODs for the week of 7-11-16 to 7-15-16

July 11, 2016

I am excited to announce that we are running our first CFCB administered Kids Camp (or Kidz Kamp if you prefer) this August 8 through 12th.  We had originally scheduled from the 15th to the 19th BUT were reminded that this is when kids return to school and thus have adjusted to a week earlier.   Whitney is running the show and will give your kids some foundational movement skills that will improve any further athletic effort, AND it’ll be fun as well. 10 Am to 12 Noon. Cost is $100, which is a measley $10/hour. Kids ages 8 to 13 and therefore no Wu Tang soundtrack concerns.

Individual Consults return after a long hiatus.  If you want some general ideas, feedback etc on what you might do, add or subtract from your fitness efforts (be they exercise or dietary) sign up on the benchmark WOD board.  There is no charge.

Beach Games is THIS SATURDAY.  The highlight of your summer, no doubt about it.  We divide up the talent and fitness brawl on the beach.  Wilmingtonians, meet at the gym at 9am to collectively cary the gear to CB.  Pleasure Islanders- Meet at 930 at the FUDGE BOAT on the boardwalk to unload. Games 10-11:30,  pack up/drive back and done by noon. This is a guaranteed good time and this, too, is FREE Ninety Nine. Do NOT MISS THIS.  We may not get out again until next summer…..

Monday-  Fast and Furious

A) For time:  Row 250 m, 15 Burpees, 25 KB Swings, 15 Burpees, Row 250 m.  A classic.

Rest 7-8 minutes

B) Max Reps in 1 minute:  Pullups, Back Squats @ 115/75, Airdyne Calories.

Rest 7-8 minutes

C) Against a 5 minute clock:  50 Power Cleans @ 115/75, Max rep Wallballs 20/14.

No difference between Fitness and Competitors here.

Tuesday- Technique

A) Double Unders.  Test is Max reps Doubles in 10 Minutes.

B) Kipping Handstand Pushups.  Test is EMOMx10-  Up to 7 Unbroken HSPU.

Wednesday- Weightlifting

Strict Press 4×5 Ascending (Go up if you get 5 reps).

Chinese Row 4×8 Ascending.

Thursday- Olympic Lifting

Clean: 12 Minutes-  Find your 1 rep max.

Front Squat 3×3 Ascending.

Clean Gauntlets:  For time 9-6-3 Cleans (power or full) Competitors-  135/95, 185/125, 225/155.  Fitness 115/75, 135/95, 155/115.

FridayLong Duration

To be determined.  I’d like to check the weather and get some running in.  We’ll see.



  1. Wow…I’m going to be hurting tomorrow after being on vacation all last week.

  2. I am so sad that we are missing the beach wod!!!

  3. Monday : A 4:39 RX. B 47 RX (20,17,10). C. 3 WB RX

    • C 53 reps RX

  4. Monday:
    A – 4:49
    B: 50 (18, 18, 14)
    C: 50 cleans, 6 WB

  5. WOD A- 250 m row, 15 burpees, 25 KBS, 15 burpees, 250 m row. 3:58
    WOD B- 60 seconds Max Reps Pullups 31, Back Squats 19, Airdyne 16. 66 Total
    Wod C- 63 Reps. Finished 50 cleans at 3:53. Could not catch the ball in the air for about 30 seconds. Scott Shapiro dominated with an 81!!

  6. a: S20 instead of KB 6:21
    b: box su instead of bs. 45?
    c: did WB first. 61
    subbing the hell out of everyone

    • everything.

  7. A) 4:02
    B and C were modified due to soreness from Friday’s and Saturday’s workouts

  8. A 4:26
    B 76 (40, 20, 16)
    C 54

  9. A- 4:41
    B- 50
    C- 69

  10. A: 5:00 (previous PR 4:40)
    B: 50 (I think- it’s on the board!)
    C: 66

  11. A) 7:30; I screwed up and did 25 burpees after the first row so only did 5 after the KBS.
    B) 34 total reps with gray band assistance for pullups. I didn’t push hard enough on the BS
    C) 48 reps; very surprised at how hard this was my grip was shot and I pushed hard to try and get those last 2 reps.

    • I was surprised myself!

  12. Tuesday: DU’S 240. I have been on and off with my DU’S some day 60 to 70 in a row to taday 5 to 7. Towards the end I was stringing 15 to 20 but was so tired had to stop.
    HSPU 70. Practice on scissor kipping.

  13. Tuesday
    330 on DU
    7 rounds or 49 reps on HSPU

  14. Tuesday:
    du: 220
    hspu: 32

    Back to reality after 13 days of vacation indulgence!

  15. DUs 339
    HSPU 0

  16. DU’s 503
    Hspu’s 60

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