July 13, 2016

Athletes-  Beach Games This Saturday!  Sign up on the board.  9am Wilmingtonians at the gym.  930 Pleasure Islanders at the FudgeBoat.

Kids Camp signup as well.  $100 for 5 peaceful summer afternoons is a screaming deal.

Some good progress on Doubles and Handstand Pushups today!  Matt H.  first Doubles AND Handstand Pushups. Christine A. handstand pushups!  Lara and Rebecca, first inversions.  Diane and Kristen F. both made enough progress that they were moved enough to mention being psyched, which in turn got ME totally psyched!  Sometimes, when that rope goes under your feet twice for the first time, or the timing on a kip kicks in,  the joy on your sweet little faces makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t neglect your technique days.  Long term, they are essential to your progress.

OK-  For Wednesday


VS Sunday, I’ve replaced the shoulder press with the deadlift so as not to beat up the shoulders the day after HSPU.  If you didn’t get a lot of shoulder volume with HSPU’s on tuesday, and you want/need shoulder work the original rx was 4×5 ascending every successful set.

A)  Primary Upper Back/Puling–4×8 Chinese Row  Ascending (if you get a given weight, go up on the next set)

a1) Accessory Upper Back— 2×20 Banded Scapular Retraction.

B) Primary Deadlift/Hinge— Sumo Deadlift 4×5 Ascending.  Tempo controlled @ 2-2-2-2 .  Please honor the tempo, it will make the exercise safer if you pull the bar slowly off the ground.  Don’t touch and go.  Every rep should be from a dead stop.  Unless you are guarding an injury of some sort,  please do the Sumo stance as directed and not the conventional,  there’s too much commonality with the Chinese Row in that action, AND you are cleaning tomorrow.  Ascending loads should have you approaching 90% of absolute intensity on the fourth set.

b1) Accessory Deadlift/Hinge— Single leg Deadlift 3×8 right and left leg.  I sifted through about 45 hundred horrible videos till I found this one, so   please take 5 minutes and watch, so you know what’s going on.  Weight in the heel.  Neutral spine (don’t rotate).  Retract your shoulder.





  1. I’ve never seen this before. Good video

  2. Chinese row 115×8, 135×8, 155×8, 165×8.
    Sumo deadlifts 135×5, 225×5, 255×5, 275 x5

  3. Row: heaviest set 90×8
    Sumo: heaviest set 155×5

  4. row: 75 x 8
    sumo: 135 x 5 – apparently I have a hip shift that I worked on fixing vs doing heavier weight

  5. ugh. i did death bike intervals 2 on 3 off x 5. then i moved furniture all day. now i’m drinking wine. best. part.

    • AAAARRGGH. Don’t erase all those gainz!

      • i’m gaining some peace and well being through a spicy zinfandel.

  6. Row-95, sumo- kept it light due to back pain-105

  7. Clean 226 PR….. FS heavy 225

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