WOD for Friday. Yoga is SUNDAY!! Last day to sign up for beach games! Notes on goals and booze.

July 15, 2016

Team games on Saturday will result in Yoga being rescheduled for Sunday at 8:45.


On a separate note:

In the course of these individual consults I’ve had with a number of you, this dynamic has come up enough times that I feel compelled to discuss it here.

Hypothetical “Member X” expresses that his/her goal is bodyfat loss.

Me:  “Ok, so how’s you’re food?”

Member X: “Oh I eat pretty good.  No fast food, no soda.”

Me:  ” Ok thats good blabla Carbs,  Blabla Eating frequency”

X: “Sure.  Bla bla Calories.  Bla bla Paleo”

Me: “Macros. Etc bla bla.  Activity level”

X:  “Oh totally.  Blabla Spinach.  Etc  etc etc on the weekends!”\

Me:  “That reminds me.  How much do you drink?”

Crickets chirping….

X: “Like… here and there… (or “Socially”  or “You know, when I’m out”  or “Not too much”).

Tumbleweed blows through the gym….

Me:  “How much in a week?”

X: “Like maybe 3 or 4 (really 6 or 7) times a week I’ll have 1 or 2 (2 or 3) beers, glasses of wine etc”

Well,  I should know better than to have an entire discussion about food and THEN ask about alcohol, so the above semi fictional conversation is really MY fault, but be advised, while you CAN lose weight and fat with some alcohol in your diet, all things being equal, your fat loss and progress will always be inhibited by alcohol.  ALWAYS.  Understand that upon ingestion of what amounts to a low-grade poison, your body stops all efforts at burning fat until the alcohol is metabolized.  The time frame for this process varies widely from person to person but is in general slower in females than males and is always slower in the older athlete vs his/her younger self.

If you are 1) serious and 2) in a hurry;  sorry!  There is no room for alcohol.  If you aren’t that serious or have longer time frame you can probably get away with 2 drinks 1x per week if you’re over 30.  2 drinks 2x per week if you’re under 30.  Any more than that, and I really doubt you will make much progress.  (These are very broad strokes, granted).

Now, when I say “if you’re serious”  there’s no value judgement in that statement.  I like drinking much more than most.  With a week to live, I’m drunk 100% of those 7 days.  Many of you exercise with us precisely so you CAN indulge and not look terrible for having done so.  BUT, as stated,  if the goal is fat loss,  get ready to lose the booze.

OK- Your WOD is….

In teams of 2 or 3.

7 Minutes- Max Calories on the Airdyne

6 Minutes- Max Reps KB Swings 24/16

5 Minutes- Max Rep Wallballs  20/14

4 Minutes- Max Rep Rope climbs

3 Minutes- Max Rep Box Jumps 30/24

2 Minutes- Max Length Sled Push +90/+45

1 Minute- Max Burpees

Separate scores.  Clock Runs continuously.  1 Athlete moving at a time.  28 Minutes start to finish.  Work around a weakness before you scale anything.  So, if for instance, 1 team member can’t do rope climbs, get more out of him or her on the wallballs that precede and the box jumps that follow, rather than scale the rope.






  1. listen, next time you can just text me. you don’t have to call out my booziness in such a public forum. 🙂 tomorrow looks like fun!

    • Haha! Not saying it WASN’T you, but it definitely isn’t ONLY you.

  2. Partner with Brock & Amber. Brock is a machine! Amber and I helped a little so when you see the board that was pretty much all Brock

    • Not true. Everyone helped at different times. Mostly I blame Amber.

      That was fun, thanks for letting me join in.

  3. I jumped in at 6 am with Amber B and Larry: Airdyne-162, Kbs-185, WB-133, rope climbs-11, box jumps 61 (scaled), sled lengths -7, burpees-22.

  4. I was with Glen & Amber
    AD- 136, KB- 178, WB- 112, Rope- 13, Box-32, Sled- 7, Burpees- 16

  5. Partners with Scott & Joan – all rx:
    ad:125, kb: 179, wb: 100, rope: 13, box: 37, sled: 8, burpees: 20

    Congrats to Joan who did both the 16 kb & 24″ box for the first time and did great!!

  6. I was a poor excuse of a partner for Whitney today. AD – 86 cal., KB – 165, WB – 101 (majority reps were Whitney), Rop – 6 (all Whitney), Box jumps – 60 (I did step ups and Whitney jumped. We both did the RX height), Sled – 7.25, Burpees – 19 (mostly Whitney). I envy all the people with 3 on their team. The struggle was real…and for the record I still feel like vomitting.

  7. I did a solo version with substitutions. It was long. Then I moved furniture again. Hopefully it will make up for the cab blend I am pouring down my gullet. (I did hear you Brock. Maybe when I get back from vaca I will abstain in my attempts to get fracking ripped)
    61ad cal
    350 heavy rope
    51 wallball
    31 push up
    42 step ups
    1:40/2 min plank
    10 burpees.

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  9. Tedt

  10. 12:42
    Scaled to 30 sit-ups and 115#

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