WOD for Tuesday 7/19/16

July 19, 2016


A)  10 Minutes on Rope Climb Technique.  If your rope climb is sound,   go 1- Legless or 2- Two ascents, Touch and Go.

B) 10 Minutes on Overhead Squat Alignment, Technique, Execution.  OR  10 Minutes of Snatch Balance Work

C) Monostructural Test– 10 Minute Max Effort on the machine of your choice.  Airdyne, Row, Ski Erg or Incline Treadmill, or Run a mile for time.  There is NO airdyne or Row or Running programmed for the entire week, so this 10 minute test is really quite handleable.



  1. Monostructual work: 2 1/2 hr tennis match – won! Sweated out the gallon of water I drank!

  2. airdyne intervals 2 on 3 off x5.
    i wanted to kick the bike when i was done. at least i didn’t cry.
    each week i’ve done these, they have gotten better…except for today.
    fu ad.

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