WOD for Wednesday 7-20-16

July 20, 2016

Just a reminder:  while our Wednesday Weightlifting doesn;t have huge metabolic demand, you should still be working hard.  Local muscle fatigue should be present.  You can’t get stronger without a fair amount of intensity.  Don’t treat today like a rest/recovery day!

A) Snatch Grip Deadlift 5×2.  Ascending.  First Rep Tempo Controlled at 2-2-2-2.  Second Rep optimal.

  • Start moderately heavy,  and if you honor the tempo and successfully get the 2 reps, go up on your next set.
  • 4th and 5th set should be close to max efforts.
  • Set up is like your deadlift, but with a snatch grip and NOT the very low hip, deep squat, vertical spine setup of an actual snatch.

A1)  Standing Barbell Snatch Grip Shrug  3×8 across.  Find a set that is a challenging for 8 reps and stay at that weight.

B) Close Grip Bench Press.  4×5 Across  (same weight).  Hand width is the same as you would use in the shoulder press.

B1)  Single Arm Dumbell/KB Bench Press 3×8 Across.  KB will be harder per lb than the dumbell.  Control your tempo and get some good work out of every set.   (Originally this was programmed as pushups, but we’ve done those recently, so we subbed out some single arm stuff).



  1. Wednesday
    225 snatch deadlifts
    215 shrugs
    215 close grip bench

  2. 215 snatch deadlift
    185 shrugs
    215 bench
    40 lbs dumb bell

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