WOD for Friday 7-22-16

July 22, 2016

Jill was kind enough to test drive this workout and together we concluded that, as originally programmed, the best path to fastest score would be to go every other minute, and rest on the off minutes, which is not the workout effect I’m looking for on Fridays.  So, below are some changes vs. Sunday’s first draft

EMOM- 4 Clean and Jerk’s at 135/95 (competitors) 95/65 (fitness athletes).  With any time remaining in the minute, max reps pullups.  Score is time on the clock at 100 pullups.

  • Failure to complete 4 Clean and Jerks within a minute results in a penalty of -10 pullups.
  • There is NO penalty associated with getting no pullups in a minute.  So, the athlete could potentially choose to complete his/her Clean & Jerks, rest for the reminder of that minute, complete 4 more C&J’s as the minute rolls over and THEN resume pullups.

Caps –  You must achieve  the following minimums or we will cap your workout for safety’s sake.  50 or more Pullups at the 15 minute mark.  75 Pullups at 20 minutes.  100 by 30 minutes.



  1. 17:37. I got 50 reps pretty quickly at 135 but hit a wall and had to goto 95 for last 50 reps.

  2. 15:59 RX started with sets of 10 then went to 5’s which gave me rest because the clean and Jerks were getting slower. Cycled the 1st 2 rounds then did single drops I took one round off from pull ups for added rest then came back with 10. Round 14th & 15th did set of 10 to finish.

  3. I was at 44 pullups at the 15 minute cap so I suffered through another 5 minutes. Total pullups was 58 with 65lbs with gray band assistance.

  4. 19:43 (135 through 66 pull-ups / 95 for last 34 pull-ups) Skipped 1 round of pull-ups to change weight on bar.

  5. 18:47 @ 75

  6. I did this on Saturday, after playing tennis for 2 hrs (probably not the best idea, but I really wanted to try this!). Also played tennis for 2 hrs Friday morning.

    50 pullups in 7 minutes @ 65lbs – had to call it quits due to getting a blood blister & it was about to rip
    At the rate that I was declining, I’m guessing it would have taken me another 10-15 minutes to finish.

    I need to stay away from the yellow tape on the bar (never ripped with the white tape?). This is the second time I’ve gotten a blood blister (ripped the 1st time) in the last month. Time to find a new bar!

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