WODs For Monday 7-25, Tuesday 7-26, Wednesday 7-27. Please note: Olympic Lifting is on Tuesday this week.

July 25, 2016

Kayla’s out of town thursday, therefore this week, we’ll reverse the normal tuesday and thursday themes, with Oly Lifting on Tuesday, technique thursday.

Monday-  Sprint Work

Starting every 4th minute, 3 attempts total.

1 Lap bear Crawl, 15 Wallballs.  Squat Targets Mandatory.  Judges verifying depth and wall contact, mandatory.


Starting Every 4th Minute, 3 attempts total.

15 burpees, 15 Airdyne Calories (Men),  15 burpees, 12 Airdyne Calories (Women)

Tuesday- Olympic Focus

Technique- 10 Minutes on the Tall Clean.

For load- 10 Minutes to establish your heaviest unbroken Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean, Split Jerk.

Work- AMRAP in 8 minutes.  8 Power cleans, 8 Front Squats, 8 S20 @ 135/85.

Wednesday- Weightlifting

Primary  Lifts

Bar or Ring dip:  4 sets of 5-10 Reps

Strict Chinup: 4 sets of 5-10 reps

Accessory work to be determined.

Thursday will be technique and recovery and Friday will be a leg centric Long Slog.






  1. bear crawl/wallballs: 4:29 – miserable, stupid wallballs
    burpees/airdyne: 6:51 – miserable, stupid airdyne

  2. BC/WB = 2:12
    Burp/AD = 4:49

  3. Bear crawl/ wall balls. Adam was my judge. I had 1 no rep. 48, 45, 44 total 2:17
    Burpees/spawn of all that is evil Bike
    1:49, 2:05, 1:37 total 5:31
    Congratulations to Glen M on his unbelievable time on the burpees / bike. The old man was moving!

  4. Monday: bear crawl/wall ball: 2:28
    burpees/AD: 4:18

  5. Tall cleans: worked up to about 120
    Clean complex: 130. (Missed the jerk at 135 which is usually my strength)
    WOD: 3 rounds and 4 cleans

    I did this at the hospital gym where dropping from overhead is not allowed so all lifts were brought down to shoulders and lowered to the ground.

  6. Tuesday: snatch technique work instead of cleans
    Work: 73 @ 85

  7. Tuesday

    PC/HSC/SJ = 185
    WOD = 82 rx

  8. Clean Complex: 225
    WOD: 66 rx

  9. 235 power/hang clean/jerk complex
    WOD 100 RX 4 rounds + 4
    Hats off to Lindsay McDermott she did 102.

  10. Right hand was hurting doing the bar movements so did a 10 min max cal row
    191 cals

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