The next 8 weeks.

August 1, 2016

General Fitness Athletes and people unsure of or not concerned or unable to compete in the Open.  Your week will usually be something like this-

Monday– Metcon(s) Sprint Training.  Short Duration, High Speed of Movement.

Tuesday- Teams & Twosome Tuesday.  Team and partner workouts.  Work/Rest. Team Spirit and Suffering.

Wednesday– Weightlifting and Technique.

Thursday– Olympic Drills, Maxes and Metcons.

Friday- Long Duration, Simple Slogs.

Very similar to what we’re doing now, except Technical Tuesday is replaced with team based WODS. Everyone seems to like dumping their share of wallballs and burpees onto an unsuspecting partner.

Your week is below


A) Inside a 20 minute window:  4 attempts for cumulative time —  5 Burpee Box Jumps to 30″/24″, 4 Chest to Bar Pullups, 3 Cleans @ 155/105, 2 Shoulder to Overhead @ 155/105, 1 Lap Sled Push @ + 115/+75.

Tuesday- Teams and Twosomes

Run 800 M

25 Snatches 95/65 (power or full)

25 Thrusters 95/65

25 Back Squats 95/65

Snatch Grip Deadlifts for max reps as time allows 95/65.

3 Attempts for total Reps.  First Attempt 6 minutes, 2nd attempt- 8 minutes, 3rd attempt – 10 minutes.  Rest 5 minutes between attempts.  BOTH PARTNERS MUST RUN, thereafter, split the work however you want.  Teams of 2.  Odd teams of 3. No solo athletes.

Wednesday- Weightlifting

4×8 Chinese Row

4×8 Close Grip Bench

Accessory work TBD.

Thursday- Olympic Focus

Technical Review – Overhead Squat

Drill-  1 Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch, 2 Overhead Squats.  10 minutes for load.

Work- RANDY.  75 Power Snatches for time @ 75/55.

Friday – Long Duration

5 minutes c2 row for calories

5 min heavyrope for reps

5 minutes Airdyne

5 minutes burpees

1 minute to transition between stations.  2 x through the cycle for total reps (heavyrope reps divide by 4).   40 minutes of work, 47 minutes total.


The Push Toward the Open Starts NOW.  Are you excited?  I certainly am.

Below are the day to day specifics of the first 2 weeks of the strength block.  You will quickly note that you are lifting and ONLY lifting 4x/week.  This is a departure from our way of doing things in the past, and from CrossFit’s original mission statement of being ready for the Unknown and Unknowable.  As discussed, the CFG Open is largely ( if not precisely) a known quality, and as such it behooves us to prepare specifically for the elements we know or can largely predict:  The “When” — Late February.  The “What”– A dozen or so elements.  The “How”–  6 or 8 formats and lasting 6 to 20 minutes.

Building your strength is the first and most fundamental attribute that needs addressing.  Speed and endurance in the movements both demand at least a minimum level of baseline strength before those qualities can be optimized. That’s the goal of this strength block.

There is no 1rep max test/in, test out aspect;  partially that’s logistical and testing is somewhat less important as we’re looking at a distant goal. The first two weeks have a high rep range as we work on hypertrophy, basic strength and try to prepare you to strength train with this frequency.   Weights for the first two weeks will be dictated by what can be done with control, good form and full resets (no touch and go) through the duration of the set/rep scheme.  Note that the first number is reps  the second number is sets.

Starting in Week 3, the squat and deadlift will base off of 1 rep max percentages.  If you have old marks, we will apply them initially.  If you don’t we will extrapolate based on what you are lifting in your first two weeks.  They’ll be some trial and error but we want to get you challenged and pushing hard sooner rather than later.  The 8 week time frame is relatively short.

Wednesday programming will be easy zone 1 stuff, with Saturday being a more aggressive metcon and sunday being complete recovery.  Of all the days of the week, Saturday is your LEAST important and that should be the first thing scaled or eliminated if you feel fatigued or overtrained.

Barbell Club,  your focus is or should be, on your meet in September.  We’re working on getting you a specific whiteboard.  Brock and Whitney can probably answer broad questions, but for specific stuff you may want to speak directly to Kayla.




Crossfit Carolina Beach Strength Block

8 Week Strength Cycle

Week 1


Squat x 8 x 4

Push Press x 6-8 x 3

Barbell Lunge x 8-10 x 3

Back Ext x 15-20 x  3


Bench x 8 x 4

Bent Over Row x 8-10 x 3

Weighted Dip x 8-10 x 3

DB Row x 8-10 x 3


Deadlift x 8 x 4

Front Squat x 8-10 x 3

Glute Bridge x 10 x 4

Hanging Leg Raise x max x 3

Farmers Hold x 60 sec x 3


Shoulder Press x 8-10 x 3

Weighted Pull Up x 8-10 x 3

Alternating DB Curl x 8-10 x 3

Cuban Press x 10-12 x 3

BB Shrug x 12-15 x 3

Week 2


Squat x 6 x 4

BB 20” Box Step Up x 8-10 x 3

RDL x 6-8 x 3

GHD Sit Up x 15-20 x 3


Pull Up x 6 x 4

Bench Press x 8-10 x 3

Bent Over Row x 8-10 x 3

Incline Bench Press x 8-10 x 3


Deadlift x 6 x 4

DB Row x 8-10 x 3

Front Squat x 8-10 x 3

BB Shrug x 12-15 x 4

Farmers Hold x 60 sec x 3


Push Press x 5 x 3

Weighted Chin Up x 8-10 x 3

Weighted Dip x 8-10 x 3

DB Front Raise x 6-8 + DB Lateral Raise x 6-8 x 3





  1. I’m planning to do the Oly lifting for the next 7 weeks (1 week already done). My schedule for Oly lifting will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I will squeeze in some Crossfit and/or power walks as long as they don’t cripple me.

    • That sounds like a well conceived plan to me!

      • And it’s just a coincidence that I’m missing the partner/team work on Tuesdays. 😁

  2. I want to do both!

  3. Monday Crossfit wod 6:13 rx

  4. 9:31 @ 20″, c2b, 85lbs

    Slowest time of the day! Legs are still killing me from Friday!

  5. Monday CF workout: 6:43rx

  6. WOD 5:43 RX. The sled destroyed my already sore legs

  7. Did last Friday’s workout 230 Rx

    I am fat

  8. 1:57, 2:03, 1:26, 1:33 – 24″ step-ups 135 pound bar
    Was feeling too dodgy to hang around and write my time on the board – great way to start the week!

  9. Crossfit Monday WOD: 8:17
    Best time: 1:32 (previous done in June was 1:27)
    Worst time: 3:23
    Severe degradation after second round.


  10. Tuesday
    Greg and Amber 37, 80, 126 = 243

  11. Tuesday partners
    Rob and Larry
    1. 48
    2. 75
    3. 91 for total 243 RX
    If I was a better runner Rob and I could have been competition to Kristen and Rachel.

    • Correction u copied the wrong line (greg & Amber) score.
      Ours was 214

  12. Tues: Partnered with Jill – 57/85/128 = 270 total

  13. Wednesday
    Bench @ 205 failed on last set
    Tricep extension @ 30
    Bicep curls 2 sets at 85 1 at 75
    Chinese row at 145

  14. Wednesday 4×8 CGB 205
    Chinese row @135
    Triceps 3 rounds at 35, 1@30
    Biceps curls @65

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