WOD for Friday 8/5/16 and Weekend Schedule

August 5, 2016

CrossFitter’s this is your long day.

5 minutes c2 row for calories

5 min heavyrope for reps

5 minutes Airdyne

5 minutes burpees

1 minute to transition between stations.  2 x through the cycle for total reps (heavyrope reps divide by 4).   40 minutes of work, 47 minutes total.

Just for fun, here are some aggressive targets for each action male and female

c2 calories in 5 minutes-  90/70

heavyrope singles in 5 minutes- 400 reps or 100 points

Airdyne calories in 5 minutes- 90/65

Burpees in 5 minutes– 75-80/70-75

Clearly wherever you start is going to be your best score,  all things being equal.

Open Prep

Shoulder Press x 8-10 x 3

Weighted Pull Up x 8-10 x 3

Alternating DB Curl x 8-10 x 3

Cuban Press x 10-12 x 3. Video HERE. If you can’t execute a controlled cuban press with a barbell, perform the same movement with appropriate dumbells.

BB Shrug x 12-15 x 3

OPEN GYM is Saturday and Sunday 10-12.  Yoga is happening Saturday at 845, and the Monster Mash is a go on Sunday for anyone interested.

Open Prep Athletes-  Your single conditioning workout is Saturday.  The specs are such that you can get an incredible metabolic rip but not wreck your gainz.  In other words, volume and loading are low, intensity is high.

1 Min max Effort Airdyne, 1 Min Max Rep Pullups

Rest 3

1 Min Max Effort Ski Erg, 1 Min Max Reps Power Cleans @ 115/85

Rest 3

1 Min Max Effort C2 Row, 1 Min Max Reps S20 @ 95/65

Rest 3

1 Min Max Effort Treadmill Run at a 20 degree incline, 1 Min Max Rep Burpees

Please take the words MAX EFFORT seriously….




  1. I can’t remember the break down but total was 596

  2. AD: 59/51
    Burpees: 73/67
    Row: 63/60
    Heavy Rope: 106/114

    Total: 593

  3. I was late due to the incompetent construction workers on River Rd. Sat there for 10 minutes while they rearranged cones!

    Missed 1st 5 minutes, which I picked to skip the AD.
    burpees: 58 / 50
    row: 60 / 55
    hr: 109 / 108
    AD: – / 33
    total: 473 for 7 rounds

  4. These Friday workout suck the life out of me for the rest of the day…
    2-AD–> 42/35=77
    3- Burpees–>47/45=92

  5. Burpees 76/61
    Row. 75/73
    Rope. 68/79
    Bike. 42/48
    Total 522

  6. AD: 41/35
    Burpees: 84/75
    Row: 45/42
    HR: 99/115

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