We’re back on that World Wide Net! WOD’s for Wednesday 8-10-13

August 10, 2016

Sorry for the delay and apologies in advance if there any more absences.  Many of you have graciously offered to help, but for now the best thing you can do would be to dish out your best roundhouse kick to the face of any ATT employee you come across.

Kids Camp is underway.  Parents, you are encouraged to take photos and please share if you’re so inclined.  Based on the success of the Kids Camp we are exploring starting a CrossFit Kids Program at the end of the month.  Details soon to follow.

Anyway,  Here’s the WOD for Wednesday

Open Prep-  This is your ZONE 1 recovery day.  30-40 minutes of uncomfortable but sustainable activity.  While you need not place a premium on quantifying your effort,  you want to be doing progressively more work per minute as time goes by.

CrossFit- Wednesday is Weightlifting.

A- Push Press 5 sets of 3.  Warmup to a heavy weight and then get 5 working sets at that weight.  (shorthand for this is ACROSS as in,  “I used 135 across all sets”.)

B- Sumo Deadlift 5 Sets of 3, Across.

a1- Top Half Only Shoulder Press.  3 sets of 8.  Touch your forehead and push your head quickly through your elbows.

b1- GHD Back Extension.  3 sets of 12-15.  Slow temp

C- Resisted External Rotation with Dumbells 2 sets of 20.



  1. 165 push press, 275 sumo, 115 press

  2. Push press: 205
    Sumo: 345
    Top half shoulder press: 115


  3. rough reentry for me. note to self: do not take a month off. nothing good ever happens on the return but me weeping wine laden tears of regret while clutching ice packs to my chest and chewing ibuprofen.
    SDL 95. yes, you read that right.
    My ab soreness has progressed to comical proportions at work today and a geriatric lady ON A WALKER asked me if I needed help getting up.
    y’all missed my rants, right?

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