Revised WOD for Thursday 8-11-16. Reminder: No Olympic Lifting this week.

August 11, 2016


A- Clean from the high-hang position.  (hip pockets/jumping position) Work to a heavy Single. Focus on 100% extension through the ankle, knee & hip.  Catch low and with good posture.


If you can’t consistently find good and comfortable position on the front rack, spend this time working on your front rack mobility with   THESE   mobility drills. Please be careful with the PVC assisted external rotation introduced at 1:07.  See my mobility rant below.

B- 12 Minute AMRAP  –  12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Cleans, 6 Front Squats @ 155/105.  Very Similar to DT, with 6 s20 being replaced today by 6 FS.  Deadlifts clearly the easiest portion, but the net effect of this workout SHOULD be pretty dramatic.  6 Rounds rxd would be ambitious.

Open Prep Strength Week 2, Day 3.

Deadlift x 6 x 4

DB Row x 8-10 x 3

Front Squat x 8-10 x 3

BB Shrug x 12-15 x 4

Farmers Hold x 60 sec x 3


About once a year I feel the need to rant about mobility.  Understand that mobility is a necessary, if not sufficient condition to claim any reasonable level of fitness.  You need not be a ballerina, but if you don’t have a minimum level of mobility such that you can’t assume some of the postures and positions necessary to perform a given action (An overhead squat, the front rack, thoracic extension etc etc) then it really doesn’t matter how strong or fast or powerful you are or how much stamina or endurance you have,  you’re not even in the room for the conversation.  You are lacking the key to the door and are thus locked out.

The good news is, with patience, mobility can be dramatically improved.  The bad news is, improving your mobility is always boring, and often fairly slow;  always weeks, sometimes months.  Remember, we are fighting against most of the rest of your life when we try to get your posture and alignment optimized.  Sitting in a car, at a desk, on a couch is profoundly unhelpful to improving your overhead squat mechanics.

That said,  if you’ve been doing this for a while and plan on sticking with it, taking the long view is important.  Take the time necessary to get yourself to where you can accommodate these positions, or your performance ceiling will always remain low.

I often site the dynamic that follows:  New athlete tries and fails to deadlift 300 lbs.  He/She says to themselves:  “Ok, I can’t lift that yet.  I need to train and get stronger and then I   WILL    be able to lift that 300lbs.”  The same athlete tries to front squat,  can’t get to depth because of stiffness in his/her hips, wrists, scapulae what have you.  In this instance, he athlete doesn’t acknowledge that they have a lot of work to do,  rather, they default to a statement like “My body just doesn’t work that way”  or  “My shoulders don’t wanna do that”  or “I can’t, that hurts my wrists”  or some other voodoo explanation that absolves them of doing any real work to fix a fixable problem.  Shy of significant birth defect or missing limbs from an IED blast,  most athletes CAN improve these postures to the point where they can satisfy recognized range of motion,  but it is, compared to FRAN and HELEN and FLITHY FIFTY, a dull and slow process.

I urge you to look at the video above and skip the tall clean in favor of getting those joint tissues open. It will be boring and painful, but it is necessary  or you will forever be running around doing “I dream of Jeannie” front squats, and unable to lock your elbows out when your hands are overhead. This applies to both Fitness Competitors and to people here just to “get a good workout”.   You will ALL, regardless of goal, benefit from being mobil enough to execute these exercises.  Perhaps not perfectly, perhaps not under heavy load, or at extreme speeds, but the movements themselves are something ANYONE with a reasonable claim to fitness should be able to do.

Rant Over.  Go watch the video.




  1. High Hang clean 225. Had more to go for sure.
    WOD 123 RX. Front squats slow you up some. My lower back was tightening up so I didn’t cycle the cleans, straight singles. On a good back day I think I can get close to 6 rounds

  2. Heaviest @ 195
    Wod 103 rx

  3. Heavy high hang clean:225

    WOD: 101


  4. Holy cow! I just did some of those mobility drills for my wrists and I’m dying it hurt so much. Clearly I need to do this often and consistently.

    • If you find they help immediately with the positioning I won;t be at all surprised.

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