WOD for Friday 8-12-16

August 12, 2016

OPEN PREP-Last day of the first phase.  Format is largely the same.  Assume 90 second rest intervals between all sets.  You should pick a weight and carry it across all sets, making all the reps in every set.

Push Press x 5 x 3

Weighted Chin Up x 8-10 x 3

Weighted Dip x 8-10 x 3

DB Front Raise x 6-8 x3

DB Lateral Raise x 6-8 x 3

CrossFit– here’s your long one.

EMOM x 40 minutes.  Best possibly score is 40 Rxd.

A- 2 Rope Ascents.  Scales– 1) 5 Chest to bar Pullup 2) 5 Pullups

B- 4 Wall Walkups.  Scale to 10 CrossOver Pushups

C- 8 Power Snatch @ 115/85.  Scale to 95/65

D- 16 Wallballs. Scale fro 20/14 to lighter.




  1. 29 rx. Great job Glenn! We will miss u for sure!!!

  2. Joan roped me into this one at 845. One of the worst experiences in recent memory. I got 32 out of 40 or 80%. First 3 rounds unbroken and then things really detoured into shitsville. I WILL say this workout has beautiful balance, in that the rope, the walkups the snatches and the wallballs were almost perfectly equal in their inflicted misery. Bring your A game for this one.

  3. Bless. 32. All scaled.

  4. 22 RX. Pretty sad!

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