Weekend Schedule. Open prep WOD

August 13, 2016

Saturday Yoga is at 8:45.

Open Gym is 10-12.

Open Prep-  2 on, 2 off x 5 rounds.  Max Calories on any  *1* of the following–Airdyne,  Ski Erg, Row or Treadmill @ 10 degrees.

Sunday Open Gym is 10-12

Two brief notes from today’s 40 Minute Monkey Stomper.

First,  I was SO very proud of Kristin M.  who was on her way to a very competitive score when she tore her hands pretty significantly.  Lots of athletes would’ve called it a day, but Kristin taped the wound, adapted her technique and jumped back in as soon as possible.

Our score of the day belongs to Glen M. who left CFCB with a bang.  If you didn’t know, Glen is returning to Kenya, Africa to help Africans or something.  What does Glen have against helping Americans?  I must admit, I don’t know.  Is it pretty selfish that he’s leaving the gym that’s done SO much for him?  I certainly think so.  Nevertheless, we wish Glen the very best of luck as he makes the world a better place.  The gym will be worse for your absence.

Kidz Kamp has Koncluded and a good time was had by all.  Keep an eye out for further youth instruction in September.



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