WOD for Tuesday 5-16-16

August 16, 2016

In teams of 3 to 4 athletes, complete the following for time.  12 minute cap:

30 partner deadlifts @ 275

30 shoulder to overhead @ 85/55

30 partner deadlifts @ 315

30 shoulder to overhead @ 115/75

30 partner deadlifts @ 365

30 Shoulder to overhead @ 135/95

Teams will have two bars,  a 45 lbs deadlift bar and a 35 lb bar for the s20.  S20 comes out of the rack.  There must be a different combination of athletes on the partner deadlifts for every set.

Rest 5 minutes.

For time:  Teams Accumulate 200 Wallballs  20/14   while one member maintains a wall handstand.  Athletes can switch roles at any time.  1 Athlete moving at a time.  No progress without an athlete in a handstand.







  1. Whew! 30@365

  2. Looks fun…sorry to miss this one as I’m I’m out of town

  3. FUN DAY! Partners Erica and Chris. WOD 1. 11:38 RX. 2. 12:43 RX

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