WOD for Thursday 8-25-16. Olympic Lifting at 7pm

August 25, 2016

Open Prep/Strength

Squat x 80% x 8 x 2

Overhead Walking Lunge x 8-10 each leg x 3

RDL x 6 x 3

Hanging Leg Raise x 15-20 x 3


Olympic Lifting

A) Drill/Technique. 10 minutes.   1) 5 Minutes on the Jerk Drive for technique.  No score.  Work as light as necessary (down to a pvc pipe) to insure a rigid spine and full extension of the ankle, knee and hip. 45 second Video HERE. 2) 5 minutes on the Jerk Drop for technique. Work as light as necessary (down to a pvc pipe) to insure fast feet and a locked arm at the catch.     30 Second video HERE.

B) Heavy Test.  10 minutes.   From the rack, find a Heavy Single in the Push Jerk.   Not quite PR intensity.  For today, don’t advance your weight if you catch with a bent elbow and muscle it out.

C) Work capacity.  12 minutes.  1 Round of CINDY, 1 Jerk @ RXD is 155/105.  Athletes should work with a weight that allows them to get 3 unbroken reps with good technique.  This bar comes off the floor,  so athletes must be able to clean to the shoulders.



  1. Push Jerk: 105

    Cindy+: 6 rounds + 16 RX

    tennis match tonight

    • correction: NOT rx – only did 1 c&j for each round

  2. cindy + jerk
    9 rds + 7 reps RX
    total reps 277

  3. Push Jerk: 255

    WOd: 6 rds plus 6


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