WOD’s for the week 8-29 to 9-2-16

August 29, 2016

Strength/Open Prep  this is your deload week.  Exercises change somewhat, and there is a marked reduction in intensity.  I’ve given you a suggested conditioning piece that won’t interfere with your recovery and strength.  Resist the temptation to do MORE volume.  We are laying your foundation….

Be advised that your Dec, Jan and Feb are going to be quite challenging.


Squat x 50-55% x 2 x 6 (maintain good form but should be explosive as possible)

Single Leg KB Squat x 8-10 x 3 (tempo controlled at 3-2-x-1)

Back Ext x 10-15 x 2

Hanging Leg Raise x 10-15 x 3

Conditioning-  At 0:00  Complete 3 rounds for time of 20 thrusters 75/55, 10 Toes To Bar.  At 7:00 complete 3 rounds for time of 15 thrusters @ 95/65, 10 Toes To Bar.


Bench x 50-55% x 2 x 6 (maintain good form but should be explosive as possible)

Pull Up x 8-10 x 2

Reverse DB Flies x 10-12 x 2

Conditioning-  10 Minute AMRAP  10 Airdyne Calories, 10 Burpees.



Hang Power Clean x 50-55% x 2 x 6

Banded Hamstring Curl x 10-15 x 2 (tempo controlled at 3-2-x-1)

GHD Sit Up x 10-15 x 2

Conditioning-  Odd Minute-  Max Rep Heavyrope for 30 seconds.  Even Minute Max rep Wallballs for 30 seconds.  12 minute total.



Deadlift x 50-55% x 2 x 6 (maintain good form but should be explosive as possible)

Eccentric Isometric Goblet Squat x 10 x 3 (5 sec eccentric, 3 sec isometric, explosive concentric) .

Bent Over Row x 8-10 x 2

Plank x 1 min x 3 (1min rest between)

Conditioning-  30 Box Jumps/Step Ups 24/20, Row 250, 20 KB swings, Row 250, 30 Box Jumps/Step Ups.


Monday- Sprint

At 0:00 3 Rounds for time- 20 Thrusters @ 75/55, 10 Toes To Bar.

At 7:00 3 Rounds For time- 15 Thrusters @ 95/65, 10 Toes To Bar

At 14:00 3 Rounds For time- 10 Thrusters at 115/75, 10 Toes To Bar.

Tuesday- Teams and Twosomes

In teams of 2 or 3

A) 7 Minutes Max Hang Power Snatch @ 95/65.  Partners MUST switch on every drop.  Athletes can hold the bar at the hang or overhead at no penalty, but no stacking in the hip, back rack or setting the bar down without changing partners. Score is total reps.

rest 3

B) 7 minutes Max Length Sled Push @ +90/+45. Partners can switch as often as they like.

rest 3

C) 7 minutes Row for max calories.  Switch as often as you like.

Wednesday- Weightlifting

Shoulder Press 10-8-6-4-2

Deadlifts from a 3″ block (deficit)

Accessory TBD.

Thursday- Olympic Focus

A) Clean Drills 12 minutes.  Video will post later in the week.  Please take the time (typically 2 minutes) to watch them when that happens.

B) Find a heavy single in the Clean.

C) 30 Squat Cleans for time @ 75 % of B.  If your efforts at a heavy single were legit, and you push hard here, this should be very tough.

Friday- Long Duration

3 Rounds for time

40  KB Swings 24/16

30 Wallballs 20/14

20 Pullups

10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20








  1. Monday
    5:31, 13:41, 25:28 rx

  2. Monday: 6:35, 65 reps, 25:02. It looked easier on paper!

  3. why is no one commenting on that awfulness?
    6:??, 2 rounds, 26:03? scaled in depth and weight(35/45/55) and HKR. i did the geriatric version. it feels good to squat at all, but i’m sure my atrophied quads will be bitching tomorrow.

  4. Monday– 6:10, 62 reps, finished in 25:03. That was rough

  5. I’ll comment on it Michaela…..
    2 rounds; not even 2 rounds; 2 rounds that I finished way after every finished their 3 rounds. I stayed at 55 the whole time. I’m not good at “sprinting” for 20 some minutes. Haha!

    • thank you! misery loves company.

  6. I’ll jump in as well . . .
    Round 1 finished in 5:34rx; Round 2 finished 25 rep Rx; Round 3 finished at 21:03 Rx

    I have been training with the Open in mind since the beginning of June. I focused on strength and technique towards getting a ring MU by the end of July. Although I made a lot of progress, it didn’t happen.

    Then my body basically gave me the finger. My shoulders were over worked, I pulled something in my lower back that left me feeling like I was being taized every time I moved and them I developed a chest cold that lingered two weeks. There went August! Really frustrated.

    I am now joining the traditional CF track again. Today’s workout was right up my alley, but I could feel my lungs rattling, so I took a break in the second round rather than risk a coughing fit!

    We have a family wedding coming up. Now my goal is to give my four sisters the finger by looking better than them! Just kidding . . . kind of!

  7. Tuesday Team Barber
    Sled push: 21
    Snatch: 74
    Row: 102

  8. Team Tuesday with Jason as my partner
    Sled 25
    Snatch. 78
    Row. 122

  9. Tuesday team with Dawn:
    in order:
    hang cleans @ 65lbs: 150
    sled: 28
    row: 79 (I think?)

  10. I did this with heather this am.
    row 102
    snatch 7?
    sled 28.
    honestly, i think that sled nonsense is the worst thing in the gym and, if i were queen, it would be banished forever. the. worst. (but everything else was fun! 🙂

  11. Canadian Brad and I were teamed up for two events then adopted a third:
    Snatch: 106 @65/85
    Row: 118
    Box: 8 minutes as a threesome with UNCW Christy – we only got 23. Brad pushed four lengths then just took a seat!

    Fun partner workout!

    • Thanks Andrea for your kind words. Brad didn’t want to show how pathetic he was after a 6 week sabbatical so reverted to cheerleader. Time to ramp it up I guess.

  12. Wednesday: strict shoulder press. 10@135, 8@145, 6@150, 4@155, 2@170
    Deficit deadlifts 2×8@225
    Had to leave early today

  13. Tuesday partner with Jacqui in this order
    150 Hang cleans @ 65lbs
    28 Sled push
    80 Row

  14. Wednesday
    SP x 2 = 75lbs
    Deadlift deficit = 125lbs

  15. Wednesday:
    sp x 2 = 75lbs
    deadlift deficit = 95lbs

    tennis match tonight

  16. Wednesday
    Shoulder Press 2×105
    Deadlift x8 175

  17. Wednesday

    Shoulder press: 175 x4, missed 185 on 2 of 2.
    Deficit DL 295


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