WOD for Thursday. Watch The Videos!

September 1, 2016

Don’t forget Olympic Lifting with Kayla is at 7pm.


A) Clean Drills –  6 Mins:  Clean Pull.  Video HERE.  In essence, the clean pull is ALL of your attempts to elevate the bar with no concerns regarding the catch.  During this drill please make sure you are 1) FULLY EXTENDING the ankle, knee and hip.  2) NOT bending the elbow at all!  3) Keeping the bar path against your leg.  6 Mins:  Tall Clean.  Video Here. This drill starts with a fully extended knee and hip, limiting your ability to elevate the bar to only the extension of the ankle and the shrug of the shoulder.  Therefore you MUST pull from the top of the extension to the deep front squat catch position quickly, and arrive with upright posture and an engaged core.

B) 12 mins- Find a heavy single in the Clean.

C) 30 Squat Cleans for time @ 75 % of B.  If your efforts at a heavy single were legit, and you push hard here, this should be very tough.  If your legs are STILL trashed from Monday’s thruster duster, you can perform the above workout with power cleans and save the dip hip flexion trauma.


OPEN PREP/Strength

Hang Power Clean x 50-55% x 2 x 6

Banded Hamstring Curl x 10-15 x 2 (tempo controlled at 3-2-x-1)

GHD Sit Up x 10-15 x 2

Conditioning-  Odd Minute-  Max Rep Heavyrope for 30 seconds.  Even Minute Max rep Wallballs for 30 seconds.  12 minute total.  Score is total reps per action.



  1. Heavy clean 205
    Wod 2:56 @ 155

  2. Heavy clean 245
    Wod 4:13 @ 185


  3. Heavy clean 185
    WOD 2:44 @145

  4. Heavy clean: 115lbs
    work: 6:18 @ 85lbs

  5. heavy clean 225
    Wod: 4:33 power cleans at 170

  6. Heavy clean: 125lbs
    Work: 5:56@95

  7. Thursday : heavy squat clean 235.
    WOD 3:43 @165

    • Squat cleans

  8. Heavy squat clean 102. WOD: 5:02 @ 77

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