progenex update

September 2, 2016

Athletes, I owe you an apology, or more accurately, the Progenex Company does.  As of 9-19-16,  Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Bavarian Chocolate sample packs are here.  Vanilla and Strawberry are on back order.  It seems like a logistical mess and somewhat unfair to dish these out until the entire order has arrived.  Please rest assured that as soon as the entire lineup is here, I will bring them in and compensate you for your time and effort on our behalf.

It’s still not too late to get some free product:  If you are willing to write a 5 star review of CFCB at our Google Plus Business page HERE we would really appreciate it.

Thusfar  your efforts seem to be helping.  Depending on the device and the keywording, your reviews have helped us move UP in position when “searched” on Google.  Thank you!!




  1. I don’t want your progenex…but i’ll say nice things because ya’ll are the best. but don’t let too many people join. i don’t want to have to start signing up for a spot at 6am. P.s. if a 40 something lady with dark hair comes in and joins–she’s my get. I totally talked CFCB up at the salon. 🙂

    • I loved your review. Thank you! Imma get you the sucralose free cash equivalent of two progenex servings.

  2. I want the progenex. I hope you have Peanut butter left.

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