WOD for Friday. Weekend Schedule. Labor day Schedule. Hurricane Hermine?

September 2, 2016

Weekend Schedule

Saturday Yoga 8:45 to 10 am.  Open Gym 10-12

Sunday Open Gym 10-12

Monday, Labor Day we’ll go 9 am to 1pm and regular programming will apply, there will just be no formal start times.  Show up anytime within that four hour block.

All of the above is subject to change if this Hurricane strengthens and tracks over us.  I will post updates here and if you need to (for instance if you can’t get online)  you can always call me at 917 573 7824 for the latest gym info.

Big Congrats to Bob F. for hitting a 415 deadlift double.  I didn’t get video but DID see the reps and they were legit beyond any question marks.  Living proof that we can continue to gain strength into your fifties.  Well Done Bob!!

Friday’s WOD

OPEN PREP/Strength

Deadlift x 50-55% x 2 x 6 (maintain good form but should be explosive as possible)

Eccentric Isometric Goblet Squat x 10 x 3 (5 sec eccentric, 3 sec isometric, explosive concentric) .

Bent Over Row x 8-10 x 2

Plank x 1 min x 3 (1min rest between)

Conditioning-  30 Box Jumps/Step Ups 24/20, Row 250, 20 KB swings, Row 250, 30 Box Jumps/Step Ups.


Edited from sunday- The workout published Sunday is just a little too close to a workout we’ve done recently, so please note the changes for tomorrow:

Buy In/ Bonus-2 Minutes, Max Calories on the airdyne.  Note score.  Rest 1 Minute then:

3 Rounds for time

40  Wallballs 20/14

30 KB Swings 24/16

20 Pullups

10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

* Every Calorie burned on the airdyne deducts 1 second from your time on the remainder of the work.


Saturday Open Prep Metcon

15 Minute Amrap

In ascending 3’s  (3,6,9,12,15 etc to infinity)

Clean And Jerk 115/85

Chest To Bar Pullups





  1. Bob, You make me proud. OMS as always.

  2. 20:55 after taking off AD calories

  3. 23:09 RX after taking off AD calories

  4. 30:34 with 10lb wallballs – trying to figure out a way to cycle these and not make them painful with the lighter weight

  5. 29:46 Rx

  6. 20:44rx

  7. I somehow let myself get talked into doing this WOD. It took me 35:14 with band assistance on pullups. I’d like to say all my Wallballs were totally legit, but 1-2 reps on the first two rounds weren’t perfect. I’ve been doing Oly Lifting as a priority the past 6 weeks and not many CF workouts. It’s nice to see after all that time I’m still DEAD last for time of day. Sigh…

  8. I got pretty stomped by the men in the Nau household. First Cam tells me that he blazed 216 calories in a 10 minute max effort on the airdyne. My all time best is 204 and that’s with multiple attempts, at least one sugar free monster, perfect conditions etc etc. Cam did it at 6am in missmatched socks on a whim. Pretty humbling. Then Joel came back to do the Friday Metcon AFTER weightlifting (granted it was a deload day, but still) and won the day with a time of 16:45 or almost thirty seconds better than my 17:12. Pretty lame Milhouse…

    Anway, I still think I can out-squat Kai for another year or two…

    • This made me lol.

  9. Way to go Bob!!!

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