WOD for Friday. Weekend Schedule. Last minute Olympic Lifting Meet SUNDAY!!!

September 9, 2016

First Off-  Kayla is going to throw an informal, (but  judged with Olympic Rules, ie-Not CrossFit Point A to Point B is all that matters rules) Olympic Lifting meet Sunday in lieu of Open Gym.  Even if you’ve not been participating in Oly Classes, you are welcome to try things out.  Weigh in’s and athlete briefing will begin at 10 am.  You’ll be done by 12 noon. You’re sure to enjoy and gain a little knowledge in the process.

Saturday Schedule is normal.  Yoga at 8:45 Saturday AM.  Open gym 10-12


PLEASE NOTE-  The class at 1pm is running on an Open Gym Format (No instruction)  today only.  

The 6pm class returns and remains until next Summer.



5 Rounds For time of

400 M run

30 Box Jumps or Stepups 24/20

30 Wallballs 20/14

Open Prep

Shoulder press 3×3 sets.

Incline bench press 8-10 x 3 sets.

Barbell Curl 8-10 x 3 sets.

Skull Crusher 8-10 x 3 sets.

Seated Dumbell Shrug 10-15 x 3.







  1. Kelly – 27:25, I’m still sweating

  2. Kelly and I don’t play nice together. That being said, I’m documenting/sharing this one because I saw improvement. When we did it in the spring (I think maybe May?), it took me 20:33 to complete just three rounds with a 10 pound ball.

    Today I wrapped up in 28:15 for 5 rounds with a 14 pounder, a lopsided one, but they bailed me out halfway through and tossed over a yellow:)

    Eileen the sweat just wouldn’t stop for me either! Overheated? I don’t know but, ew:)

    Anyway, the progress felt good! Thanks guys.

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