Open Prep For the Week. CrossFit for Monday 9-12. Youth athletic Development starts MONDAY. Under-10 Foundations of Fitness starts TUESDAY.

September 12, 2016

First Off, big thanks to Kayla for putting on a last minute Olympic Lifting mini-competition, complete with rules and judges.  I understand a handful of PR’s were set including Jason M’s 190 lb snatch which lands him 3rd all time on the big board, with lots of room for heavier with a little technique assistance.  Well done to all!

Parents- If you have yet to register and pay for your kids, please do so asap.  Our 6 week fall youth programs start Monday (10 and up) and Tuesday (Under 10) respectively.


Monday- Sprint Training

A) At 0:00 “GRACE”  30 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95  Caps at 10 minutes.

If you get done in Sub 5 minutes start  workout B at 10.  If you finish GRACE between 5 and 10 minutes,  Start workout B at the 15 minute mark.

B) 20 Thrusters for time 135/95.  Caps at 10 minutes.

In both workouts, you should be aiming for a time of sub 5 minutes,  so if you CAN do Grace Rxd but you know it will take you well beyond that, scale to your best guess of the heaviest weight that still allows you to finish in under 5 minutes.  Use the same weight on both workouts.  The one exception to this is if some condition is aggravated by one and not the other.


Home stretch.  Push Hard.  Two weeks from know you change gears into Olympic Lifting.


Deadlift x 90% x 1, x 93% x 1, x 96% x 1

Pause Deadlift (at knee) x 50-60% x 3 x 3

Back Ext x 10-15 x 3


Front Squat x Heavy Double

Hang Power Clean x 3 x 3

RDL x 6 x 3

GHD Sit Up x 10-15 x 3


Pull Up x 6 x 3

Bench x 8-10 x 3

Dip x 8-10 x 3

Hammer Curl x 8-10 x 3


Box Jump x 1 x 10

Squat x 70% x 6-8 x 2

Pause Squat x 50-60% x 3 x 3

Hanging Leg Raise x 15-20 x 3



  1. Kenly and her friend Jasmin are planning on being at CF kids tomorrow

  2. Picked up a PR on clean and jerk at 255, as well. Good stuff, thanks Kayla.

    Signed Drew up for under 10 today.


  3. Monday: WOD A 2:57 RX. WOD B 1:05 RX

  4. Grace: 2:57 @ 65lbs
    20 thrusters: 1:38 @ 65lbs

    Tennis matches on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday this week – went with a lighter weight to save my shoulders & legs

  5. Olympic meet was a lot of fun! We want to do more of them- and you don’t have to be a pro to come! It’s just fun to get together! I PR’d my clean and jerk at 105 which I have been trying to get for a LONG time. Missed my 3rd attempt snatch at 80lbs so my highest completed snatch was 72. My total was much better than my last meet so I’m happy.
    Today’s WOD: even though I dreaded the barbell today….
    A) 3:51 @ 75
    B) 2:45 @75

  6. Grace 4:26 RX
    Slow focused reps…70 seconds off PR pace…long way to go…

    Thrusters 2:58 RX

  7. Grace – 5:17rx
    Thrusters – 3:00

  8. I was there.
    Did 7 rounds of
    5 alternating lunges each leg
    10 box jumps
    15 ab mat sit-ups
    200? Meter run


    I planned to do the workout but I fucked up my wrist some how and then smashed my finger today. No barbell work for me.

  9. Grace 4:42 @ 75lbs
    Thrusters 1:45

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