WODs for Monday and Tuesday. Free Progenex is here. Compete at CrossFit Wilmington with a same gender partner!

September 26, 2016

First off,  while I’m still waiting for Strawberry Progenex, at some point I have to break down, or a good number of you will write follow up reviews to the effect of ” Gym’s OK, owner is a big fat liar!  Say’s he’ll give you stuff and then doesn’t.” So, as of 1 pm tomorrow, those of you kind enough to write 5 start google reviews, please pick up your 2 free Progenex recovery packs, and get ready for your life to change!  Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mocha, Vanilla and Bavarian Chocolate are available, and if you care to wait for it, Strawberry will probably arrive someday.

Thanks so much for your time and effort on behalf of the Gym.  Whitney and I appreciate it greatly.

October 22 at 8am our friends at CrossFit Wilmington are hosting a same gender partner competition they are calling the Double Dare Throwdown!  The Facebook Link is HERE.  This is a great opportunity to give CrossFit competition a try without having to travel.  Jill and Eileen are already signed up and training for it, so you could spend a fun-filled day with those two, AND get some fitness in at the same time.


Your strength block is over.  Test out is today and tomorrow and (if necessary) wednesday.  Suggested is testing out 1 Upper body and 1 lower body action per day.  Upper body being  Shoulder Press, Push Press or Weighted Pullup,  Lower Body being Front Squat, Back Squat or Deadlift.  This strength cycle was a little different in that we didn’t test in (the rationale being that a 1 Rep maximal effort test in is a dangerous event if you haven’t built some tolerance up) so there’s a little more latitude in the WHAT and WHEN of testing out.    Please DO get an observer to verify your range and process.


Monday- Sprint Training

Every 3rd Minute

0:00–10 Power Cleans @ 135/85, 15/12Row Calories.

3:00–10 Front Squats @ 135/85, 15/12 Airdyne Calories.

6:00–10 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135/85, 15/12 OTB Burpees.

9:00–10 Power Cleans @ 135/85, 12/15 Row Calories….

…etc etc until 3 complete rounds (9 efforts) are completed.  These are meant to be 100% maximal efforts.  Scores should get worse from round to round as fatigue builds.

Tuesday- teams and partners

Same gender (ideally) teams of 2 or 3

Workout A

AMRAP in 8 mins

Kooki Kettlebell Kraziness

4 actions, 2 partners, 1 min per effort as follows

Partner 1- right arm russian swings, Partner 2- right arm russian swings

Partner 1- left arm russian swings, Partner 2- left arm russian swings

Partner 1- russian swings with both arms, Partner 2- russian swings with both arms

Partner 1- American swings with both arms, Partner 2- American swings with both arms


Rest 5 minutes then

Bodacious Box Boondoggle

Against an 8 minute clock

5 laps sled Push @ + 90/50, 5 laps Box Carry (pick up the box and walk with it held it front of you at arms length) @ +45/25.  With any time remaining, AMRAP Burpee box jumps 24/20.  Split the labor any way you like.




  1. Monday
    Clean/Row 4:17
    FS/AD 4:22
    S2O/Burpees 4:13
    Scores were all rounds added together for each action

  2. Monday
    Clean/row 3:26

    FS/AD. 5:15

    S2OH/Burpee 4:40

  3. Monday
    Clean/row : 4:21

    FS/AD: 7:03

    S2OH/Burpee: 2:20 for one round.

    All went to shit after the first round. I could not hang coming off the Airdyne then going into burpees.


  4. add 2+ mins to each of greg’s scores and you’ve got mine. it was essentially 27 minutes of me trying to remember why i get out of bed so early for this.

  5. 6pm let me into their space. I was 3:25 on the power clean/row. 3:26 on the FS/AD. 4:01 on the S20/Burpees. Barbell actions all unbroken. Burpees were THE WORST.

  6. Team Tuesday: partner Clark
    KB 263 RX
    Sled/Burpees 40 RX

  7. Partner WOD with Neil

    Sled/BJ Burpees- 57
    KB 210

  8. Pr in dead lift and weighted pull up
    415 dead
    240 body weight plus 75 on pull up
    The weight lifting cycle was super helpful and ice seen significant gains.. Thanks

    • “I’ve” not ice…. autocorrect

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