WODs for Wednesday 9/28 and Thursday 9/29. Open Prep- record your test outs.

September 28, 2016

OPEN PREPPERS-  Come out of the shadows and share your good test out numbers!  For 2 months now you’ve passed up dozens of fun varied wods with cool shit like tire flips and rope climbs and sled pushes in admirable pursuit of a distant, elusive goal.  The other members hardly talk to you, or even know that you’re alive.  This is your time to shine.  Many of you have set PR’s in your recent test out.  USE THE COMMENTS SECTION TO SHARE YOUR GLORY!    Cam got a Shoulder Press PR.  Fox got his alltime best deadlift.  BJ pr’ed  EHV–REE–THING!  But you only know ’cause I told you.  Post and fill us in.



A- 4×8- across  (All sets should be a challenge) Chinese Row Or Single Arm Dumbell Row.  Use KB’s or dumbells.

a1- 3×8 Suspended Scapular Retraction.  Hang at the bottom of the pullup range of motion.  Retract the scapulae with little to no elbow bend.

B- Walking Lunges 4 x 16 ascending (Go up with every successful set completion) Steps alternating right and left, so r then left x 8 cycles.

b1- Banded Squat Static hold 3 x30 seconds.

Thursday- Olympic Lifting

For technique:


3×3 Snatch Pulls @ 65-70%

3X3 Snatch High Pulls @ 60-65 %

3×3 Power Snatch @ 60-65%

3×2 Full Snatch.  Athlete sets the weight.


For time:

100/10,  90/9, 80/8 etc down to 10/1

Double Unders/Snatches @ 115/80.












  1. Wednesday: used KB 53lb for row. Walking lunges 1st 125, 2nd 145, 3rd 155. Failed on 12 had to get help. I shook it off then finished out the remaining. Glad Greg was there to get it off my shoulders.

  2. Wednesday:
    single arm row on left arm only (tennis elbow issues) @ 25lbs
    walking lunges @ 35lbs, 55lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs

    tennis match yesterday morning – won!
    match tonight & tomorrow night

  3. I have real reservations about walking lunges, having a handful of mild muscle pulls associated with them in the past. Took them on today and stayed very cautious going with just the bar for the first set and then 65x16x3 thereafter. Even that light I can feel them. Followed them with 3×8 slow deep squats at 155. Not traumatic but got some work.

  4. Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat…repeat……;) Oh I did pull ups today as well! Joel just told me all about his PR’s so I will drag him in here and make him post it 🙂

  5. Test out
    Back squat 265 pr of 5lbs
    Front squat 250 pr of 15 lbs
    Deadlift 385 pr of 30 lbs
    Pull-up +80 bodyweight is 175 total 255
    Shoulder press 170 pr of 9 lbs
    Push press 205 pr of 15 lbs
    Push jerk 230 pr of 15 lbs
    Ready for some Olympic lifting.

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