Snatch Drills and doubles. Olympic Lifting at 7 PM.

September 29, 2016

I was thrilled to see Joel N.  post his test out scores.  So much so that I reprinted them below.  Great job Joel.  BJ also said he had PR-ed every lift, but that was 3 days and Zero comments ago, with no numbers posted, so maybe it was all a big lie?  Anyway,  Open Prep, please post your results.

Joel N.’s monster Strength Cycle

Back squat 265 pr of 5lbs
Front squat 250 pr of 15 lbs
Deadlift 385 pr of 30 lbs
Pull-up +80 bodyweight is 175 total 255
Shoulder press 170 pr of 9 lbs
Push press 205 pr of 15 lbs
Push jerk 230 pr of 15 lbs
Ready for some Olympic lifting.”


For technique:


3 Snatch Pulls @ 65-70%  x 3  sets (9  pulls total)

3 Snatch High Pulls @ 60-65 % x 3 sets (9 High pulls total)

3 Power Snatch @ 60-65% x 3 sets (9 PS total)

rest 3 mins

3×2 Full Snatch.  Athlete sets the weight. (6 Full snatches total)  Here catch as low as possible.  NO catching, then standing up, then Overhead squatting. Catch and ride down.

Rest 3 mins


For time:

100/10,  90/9, 80/8 etc down to 10/1

Double Unders/Snatches @ 115/80.

Open Prep

at your own schedule

3×3 Jerk Drive @ 65% of 1 RM split jerk

3×3 Split jerk @ 70-75%

10 Minutes max effort any one of the following monostrucural efforts:  row, bike, airdyne, treadmill, jump rope etc.  Observable, Quantifiable, Repeatable, single action.



  1. Pr in dead lift and weighted pull up
    415 dead 10lbs pr
    240 body weight plus 75 on pull up 20lb pr
    The weight lifting cycle was super helpful and I’ve seen significant gains.. Thanks hope to finish test this week.

  2. DU/ snatch wod 29:19 rx

  3. DU/Snatch WOD 27:38 RX

    • Lung burner

  4. Du/snatch 20:41rx

  5. I did this and capped out at 20 minutes. I had completed the round of 6 and was 30 reps into Round of 5 or 470 reps. People who did all ten rounds did 605 reps. Well Done.

  6. 17:06 @ 65 with doubles

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