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October 31, 2016

Olympic Lifting – week 5 day 1

Power Snatch 5×2 reps

Power Clean and Split Jerk  5×2+1 Reps

Front Squat 5×3 reps with a 1 second pause.

Snatch Grip Deadlift 5×2 reps with a 3 second descent


CrossFit- AMRAP in 15 Minutes. Light loads, Long-ish time frame.

15 Hang Power Cleans 75/55

15 Front Squats 75/55

15 Push Press 75/55 (Don’t Jerk)

15 Bar Facing Burpees



WOD for thursday 10/27 and friday 10/28.

October 27, 2016


Olympic Lifting

5 sets x 6 reps  Jerk Steps ESSENTIAL Video HERE.

Perform your first two sets of 6 with bar in the back rack.  last 3 sets with bar positioned overhead.

Split Jerk  5 sets x 2

Seated Box Jumps 6 Sets of 3 reps.  Sit on a box or a bench such that femurs are parallel to the ground.  From the seated position, jump to a safe box height.  Start low and advance as you see fit.You MUST fire your hip flexors quickly after reaching full extension.  It’s more “KNEES UP”  than “JUMP HIGH”.


A- 12 Minutes.  Find your 1 rm in the push jerk.  Don’t split and don’t push press.  Bar can come out of the rack.

B- At 65-70 % of A (round up)   10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push Jerk (Don’t split, don’t push press), 10 Burpees at the end of every round.  Total Volume is 55 Push Jerks, 100 burpees.  Caps at 12 Minutes.  Here, the bar comes off the ground.  Understand this is NOT shoulder to overhead.  You should be displaying command of the push jerk technique, NOT defaulting to a push press.  Please lower your weight if you cannot manage this technique.


Olympic Lifting

Max your snatch then 2 singles at 90%.

Then max your clean and jerks followed by 2 singles at 90%

3 RM Back Squat followed by 2 doubles at 90%.


A- 4×5 Front Squat Ascending.  Start pretty heavy and if you make it, go up 5-10 lbs per successful set.

B- Walking lunges.  2 x 16 (8 right, 8 left, alternate every rep).  Bar in the back rack.

C- Work:  For time–100 Wallballs 20/14lbs.  Every stop = PERFECT PUSHUPS as follows.  1st stop, 3 pushups.  2nd stop, 6 pushups, 3rd stop 9 pushups, etc etc.  Caps at 12 minutes.

D- Banded Squat Holds 3 x 30 Seconds.





WOD for Tuesday 10/25 and Wednesday 10/26

October 25, 2016


Strength A- Snatch Grip Deadlift  10-8-6-4-2 .  Try to ascend in weight every set,

Strength B- Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 3×8 r & l.  Use a db or kb.

Work- Row 500, run 400, 300 heavyrope singles, 200 m backwards run, 100 airsquats.


Strength A- Single Arm Dumbbell Row 4×8   r & l.

Work- Sprint Training:  4 attempts for cumulative time.  1 lap Sled push, 8 Pullups (men Chest to Bar) 12 KB Swings 70/53.

Strength B- Banded Scapular Retraction 2 x 20.


CrossFit WOD for Monday. Open Prep for the week. An eventful weekend updated.

October 24, 2016

So, collectively CFCB had a very eventful and successful week/weekend.

First-  Jill and Eileen who have, for the last 5 or 6 weeks been in serious comp prep mode, peaked at just the right time and got 2nd out of 4 rxd teams, (12 if you count the 8 scaled teams) in the Double Dare throwdown at CrossFit Wilmington.  According to Jill’s post event summary, every score in their competition was superior to any of their training attempts.  Worth noting that this was Eileen’s very first fitness comp and she stepped up to some impressive Rxd demands.  Well done, ladies!!

Second- Bob F.  who I believe is our eldest member at 52 (not totally sure about that)  pulled 450 lbs off the ground for a legit deadlift PR.  I have video!!  Damn, but that’s strong.  Awesome job Bob!

Third- Athletes in the Open Prep side of things are KILLING their lifts.  In this block, we work to a heavy single in the snatch and the clean and jerk every week and despite being only 3 out of 8 weeks in, the PR’s are flowing like lies at a presidential debate.  Below are last friday’s numbers.

Cam- Snatch 125 PR.  C&J 150 PR.

Joel- Snatch 185, C& J 225 both PR’s.

Fox, R- C&J 250 PR.

Rob- Snatch 186 2nd Highest (195 1x  prior)

Aaron pr’ed as well but didn’t record his score….

Important to note that it’s not only what you’re doing now (Olympic lifting) but also what came before,  8 boring weeks of strength work.  Keep it up.  More than half the block still remains.

Lastly in current events:  last Wednesday I think it was, Amber and Greg B had their baby!   A 5 lb 8oz boy named Daxton Daniel.  Little known fact:  “Daxton” is Celtic in origin and translates to “He who is strong in the realm of pulling himself up”.   Congrats to the mother and father, and all are doing well.

OK  CrossFit Wod for Monday is

At 0:00

CFG Open Workout 13.4  * (Knees to elbows, not toes to bar)

Against a 7 minute clock, AMRAP Clean and Jerks @ 135/95,  Knees to Elbows.  As follows  3, 6, 9, 12 etc etc to infinity.  (According to my notes on Jan 19th I got 75 which is round of 12 plus 15 Clean and Jerk)

Knees to elbows vs toes to bar is typically a little more muscle-demanding, a little less timing.  To be rxd you must make actually contact with the elbow, not the tricep.

Rest 8

At 15:00

Against a 7 minute clock, Amrap Thrusters @ 95/65, OTB Burpees. As follows  3, 6, 9, 12 etc etc to infinity.

Open Prep

Open Prep/Olympic Block–Week 4

Monday– Power Snatch 6 sets x 2 reps.  Power Clean and Push Jerk (Don’t split) 6 sets x 2 reps clean & 1 jerk. Front Squat 5 x 3 with a 1 second pause.  Snatch Grip Deadlift  5 x 2 with a 3 second descent.

Tuesday- 4 Cycles–1 Snatch + 2 Hang Snatches + 1 Overhead Squat.  4 Cycles–1 Clean + 2 Hang Cleans + 1 Front Squat.

Wednesday–  20 Minutes Vigorous Monostructural.

Thursday– Jerk Steps 5 x 6 steps.  Split Jerk 5 x 2.  Seated Box Jumps 6 x 3.

Friday-  1 Rep Max Snatch.  Then Two Singles @ 90%.  1 Rep Max Clean.  Then two singles @ 90%.   3 rep Max Back Squat.  Then 90% x 3 sets x 2 reps.



Weekend Schedule 10-22&23-16

October 22, 2016

Yoga with Heather is ON at Saturday @ 845.

Open Gym is 10-12 Saturday and Sunday.

Jill and Eileen are one of only 4 teams competing Rxd at this weelend’s Double Dare throwdown.  15 teams or so teams are scaling.  I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that the heavy overhead lunges spooked a lot of people out of the Rxd level.  NOT OUR GIRLS!  They’ve been getting after it HARD for several weeks.  We wish them the very best of luck!

If you’ve got the time, get up to CFW and cheer them on!



WOD for Friday 10-21-16

October 21, 2016


A) Repeat Squat Test from 10-7-16:  Back Squat Max reps in 1 minute @ 225/185/155-men or 155/115/85 – Women.  Please don’t short your depth.

B) EMOM x 40 minutes.  Best possibly score is 40 Rxd.

A- 2/1 Rope Ascents.  Scales– 1) 5 Chest to bar Pullup 2) 5 Pullups

B- 4/3 Wall Walkups.  Scale to 10 CrossOver Pushups

C- 8 Back Squats@ 155/105.  Scale to 115/80.

D- 16 Wallballs. Scale from 20/14 to lighter.

This is a repeat of 8-12-16.  With two changes,  First-Action C WAS power snatches but today IS back squats.  Second- Last time there was no male to female adjustments in any action, which handicapped the women.  This time, Rope and wall walkups have some measure of scaling.

These were my notes in the comments after the first time through this:  “Joan roped me into this one at 845. One of the worst experiences in recent memory! I got 32 out of 40 or 80%. First 3 rounds unbroken and then things really detoured into shitsville. I WILL say this workout has beautiful balance, in that the rope, the walkups the snatches and the wallballs were almost perfectly equal in their inflicted misery. Bring your A game for this one.”

Open Prep

1 Rep Max Snatch.  Then Two Singles @ 90%.

1 Rep Max Clean.  Then two singles @ 90%.

3 rep Max Back Squat.  Then 90% x 3 sets x 2 reps.


Open Prep/Olympic Weightlifting. Quick video

October 20, 2016

This is the jerk from the split.  These are new to you.  Keep the weight VERY light.  3 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Good crisp movement.  Note the slight travel of the forward foot.