Open Prep-Olympic lifting starts NOW. CrossFit–Programming Pivots.

October 3, 2016

Open Prep-  Here we are, October already.  As of now and for the next 8 weeks we’re taking your newly created strength, preserving it and, via a steady diet of Olympic lifting movements, applying it fast IE- creating force.  Kayla has crafted a program that roughly breaks down as follows

Day 1- Power Snatch and Clean.  Pulling strength.

Day 2- Barbell Complexes

Day 3- Accessory work

Day 4- 1 Rep Max and Leg strength.

There’s a lot of latitude in the loading.  If the weight of a given exercise is unspecified or has no % attached to it, take a handful of warmup sets to establish the heaviest weight you can do with good technique, and THEN begin the count.  SO for example below in Monday’s workout.  Power snatch 5×3.  I might start at 95lbs, then 105, then 115 but only at 125 do I begin to feel challenged, BUT I can complete 3 reps with good form.  I start my 5 sets of 3 reps at 125 and sustain that weight.  Next week, the goal is to work 5×3 at something greater than 125.

Unless otherwise noted, these are NOT touch and go reps, nor should you start a set with significant aerobic or muscular fatigue.  The volumes are pretty high.  You will likely need most of the hour.

Monday: Power Snatch- 5 sets x 3 reps.  Power Clean- 5 x 3. Front Squat 5 x 3 (pause 3 seconds at the bottom.  Romanian Deadlift 5×5

Tuesday: 4 sets of the complex- 1 Snatch Pull, 1 Full Snatch, 2 Overhead Squats.  4 Sets of the complex- 1 Clean Pull, 1 Full Clean, 2 Front Squats.  Snatch Grip Deadlift- 5 sets x 2 reps.

Wednesday– 20 Minutes of aerobic work.  Anything you want BUT,  quantifiable and repeatable.  SO 20 minutes of Ski Erg.  10 minutes of Row followed by AMRAP 10 – 15 KB Swings 15 Double unders etc etc.  NOT- 20 minutes jog, don’t know how far I went.  10 minutes of jumping rope but not counting etc etc.

Thursday- Split Jerk – 5 sets of 2 reps (pause 2 seconds at the bottom of the dip).   Snatch Grip Push Press- 5 x 3.  Weighted Pullups – 5×5 (strict). Weighted GHD Back Extension- 4 x 8.

Friday- Find your 1 RM snatch.  Then 3 singles at 85% of that figure.  Find your 1 RM clean and jerk.  Then 3 singles at 85% of that figure.  Back Squat- Find your 3 RM then 85 % of that figure for 2 reps x 3 sets.

Saturday- CrossFit.  We need some, not a lot, of exposure to these skills so that when we shift again in Dec the learning curve is low.  EMOM x 20  — A) 5 Muscle-ups   B) 10 Toes To Bar   C) 15 Wallballs D) 20 Double Unders.  Prioritize going unbroken on all the actions, and let me know which one’s trip you up the most.  We are starting to craft a plan for what to prioritize in December when we really start hunting down weakpoints.


Your schedule shifts around as well.  We reintroduce Strength Bias in a modified form.

Monday-  Unknown and Unrecurring.

Tuesday- Off the Floor.   Power Clean, and deadlift variants.  Rather than deadlift this cycle, we’ll take the bar from the floor to the shoulders.

Wednesday- Pulling strength.  Usually pullups, but also perhaps some rows or rope climbs.

Thursday- Pushing Strength. Shoulder Press, Push Press and Bench Press.

Friday- Leg Strength.  Back and Front Squat and Lunging.

Most days will have a primary lift, an accessory lift and a wod thereafter.  We will test in and test out, but not with 1 Rep Maxes as we have in the past.  The test-ins will trend towards a more sustained strength than a 1 RM.

Monday 10/3/16

4 tests as follows. Perform in any order.

A) Max Airdyne Calories in 5 minutes. (short term aerobic capacity)

B) 2 minutes Max Reps 1 Power Snatch, 1 Overhead Squat (barbell virtuosity) Guys 115/95/65 Ladies 85/70/55. You should work with the heaviest weight that lets you get at least 5 cycles of the complex in the given timeframe. So if you can get 1 power snatch and 1 OHS x 5 in 2 minutes at 85lbs, DON’T scale down.

C) Single attempt at Max Reps UNBROKEN Bench Press.  Men 100%/80%/60% BW, Women 80%/60%/50%   round up to the nearest 5lbs.  (Pushing strength).  You should work with the heaviest weight that lets you get at least 5 reps in the given timeframe.

D) Max Reps in 5 Minutes 5 Pullups/ 5 Box Jump Overs 24/20″.  Jump is rx’d, step up is scaled for today.   Note any scale.









  1. Crossfit:
    In order
    Bench 200×15
    Snatch/OHS @115 x10
    Pull/Box 7 rounds
    AD cal 70

  2. Bench 18@ 180
    Snatch/OHS 6 @ 115
    Pull ups/box jumps 12 rounds
    Bike 89 calories

  3. cgbp: 15 @ 85
    snatch/ohs: 8 @ 55
    ad: 30
    pu/bj: 6 + 8 rx

    Tennis elbow is hurting bad. Was willing to endure some pain during pull-ups but not with the ad – only pedaled there.

  4. In order:
    CGBP- 9@85
    Snatch/OHS- 8@35
    PU/Box- 6rounds +3
    AD- 45 calories

  5. Open prep
    135 3×5 power snatch
    175 3×5 power clean
    215 Front squat 3×5
    215 Rdl 5×5

  6. cgbp: 13@80
    snatch/ohs: 10@60#.
    ripped hands–subbed push up for pull up. lost count.
    AD 55.

  7. Snatch/OHS 9 @ 115lbs….CGBP 185lbs x 5….PU/step-ups 9 rounds plus 8…. AD 44 cal @@@ 3 minutes ( stopped because of cramps)

  8. Open Prep 5×3 Power Snatch @ 145 felt good about that. Power Clean 5×3 @ 175, felt pretty shitty about that. FS 3 second pause was 1 second too long, I went 205 x 5 x3. RDL 215 x 5 x5 too light. Super Psyched to be moving weight fast (ish) again after a 7 month hiatus.

  9. Tue Oct 4 Open prep
    4 x 1 3 snach complex
    4 x 1 3 pull complex
    Snach deadlift 5 x 2 reps

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