WEDNESDAY. Pullup test in. Open Prep- Recovery Day

October 5, 2016

Schedule notes.  Wednesday looks to be unaffected.  Thursday is up in the air and Friday looks like we’ll see some cancellations, IF (Big if) this F*9ckin Hurricane stays on the track it’s predicted to as of this Tuesday night writing.

Open Prep.  Recovery day means do somethingthat does not add to your fatigue.  The prescription is 20 minutes at 70-80%.  Uncomfortable.  Just on the border of unsustainable.  You can chop this up in any way that suits you.  20 minutes straight.  Two 10 minute efforts etc.  Just make sure you can measure/quantify it, so that on future attempts you can do better and KNOW it.

CrossFit-Upper Body Pulling Strength

Test in


If you can do 5-10 strict bodyweight pullups, stay at bodyweight.

If you cannot do 5 strict bodyweight pullups, use the least amount of assistance that lets you get 5 reps.

If you can do more than 10 reps of a strict bodyweight pullup please add M-25, W-15 Lbs of resistance via a weight belt.

Work Capacity (edited )

2 Rounds For time


25 KB Swings

25 Toes to Bar

25 Burpees



  1. Wednesday: 13 strict pull ups at body weight 202 lbs. yes I’m fat. Looking forward to the diet challenge!!
    WOD: 9:13 RX

  2. Strict pull ups 20 reps @ + 25 lbs
    Wod 8:58 rx

  3. strict pull-ups: 8 reps @ bw
    work: 13:39 rx – ripped right hand on #5 t2b in round 2, ripped left hand on #10. Last 15 were a slow one at a time.

  4. 5 be
    14:14 k2c


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