WOD for Friday 10-7-16

October 7, 2016


Set a bar at bodyweight (men) or 75% Bodyweight (women).

Against a 5 minute Clock

100 Step ups (24/20)

Max rep Sumo Deadlifts

rest 4 minutes

80 Step-ups (24/20)

Max Rep Standard Deadlifts

rest 3 Minutes

60 Step Ups

Max Rep Snatch Grip Deadlifts
Score is total barbell reps.

Open prep

Find your 1 RM snatch.  Then 3 singles at 85% of that figure.  Find your 1 RM clean and jerk.  Then 3 singles at 85% of that figure.  Back Squat- Find your 3 RM then 85 % of that figure for 2 reps x 3 sets.



  1. 41 sumo, 30 standard, 16 snatch grip deadlifts @ 180 for a total of 327 reps including step ups

  2. Terrible end to my first Olympic week. Just felt slow and stiff throughout. The first two days were pretty good but I think the cumulative fatigue impacted today for me. I didn’t do the 3rd day (split jerks snatch grip push press) because of schedule problems so today I maxed snatch then c&j, then did Thursday’s work and skipped the back squats. Snatch 1 rm -155 stopped there. C&j 1rm – 175. Missed jerk at 185. The GOOD news… it’s only the first week.

  3. 117 sumo + 99 standard + 68 snatch grip @ 105 = 284

    Got the lowest score of the day at 8:45 – not good!

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