WOD for Thursday 10-13-16. Olympic Lifting at 7pm is ON.

October 13, 2016

CrossFit- Pushing strength

A- 10 Minutes 4×3 Push press Ascending.  Start heavy.  If you make a given set, go up.  If you miss, go down.

B- Every OTHER minute on the minute x 3 sets:  Athletes’s choice, either B1- Max Reps Handstand Pushups (use an abmat.  Kipping, strict or both)  or B2- x8 reps Top Half Shoulder Press (from the crown of the head to full extension).  Focus on a fast “head through” as you drive up.

C- 10 Min Max Effort.  This should be 1-Quantifiable  2- Repeatable  3- Performed at “Near Death Experience” intensity.  If you have a prior 10 min max effort score, repeat that workout and do your best to PR.


Olympic Lifting/Open Prep

5×2 Split Jerk with a 2 second pause.

5×3 Snatch Grip Push Press.

5×5 Snatch Grip Bent Row.

3×8 Good Mornings.

All of the above are working sets.  Don’t count it if it’s easy. 2 minutes rest between efforts.

Be careful with the snatch grip push press!  The reload is tricky.  You must be careful of not impacting the neck and also not dropping the bar too low on your back.  When in doubt, use LESS weight.

Olympic lifting is ON at 7pm.  Kayla’s been locked in the hospital for the last 9 days:  she’s ready to lift!!!!





  1. Push press
    165 heaviest set
    Hand stand push ups 37
    10 min on bike 169 calories

  2. Push press
    Worked up to 215. Looked back should have been at 225 or higher
    HSPU splits 39,13,11 total 63
    10 min of near death WOD: Wall Balls, 120 reps.

  3. PP: 85×3, 90×3, 95×3, 100×3
    hspu: 19
    7:30 planking in 10 minutes

    Needed my legs & will get plenty of cardio for another tennis match tonight. Plus I had a mental ass-whipping last night and I needed some planking zen to get right!

  4. Push press heaviest set was 85 lbs. Got 2 at 90 and 87..could not get that 3rd rep. Grr!
    HSPU’s: 22
    10 min max effort: Burpees 133. So fun! 🙂

  5. heaviest set of 3 push press @ 95#. got 1 at 100.

  6. Putting down some Olympic numbers. Second week. Day 1- 5×3 Power Snatch @ 147 (last week 145). 5×3 Power Clean @ 185 (last week 175). FS 5×3 with a 3 second pause 215 (last week 205). 5×2 Snacth grip deadlift w a 5 second descent 215. Day 2- (subbed day 3) 5×2 Push Jerk 2 second pause 165. 5×3 Snatch Grip Push Press 115. Stayed light. Still wary of the reload on this movement. 5×5 Snatch Grip Bent Row 165 4×8 Good mornings DND. Day 3- 1 Snatch Pull, 1 snatch, 2 OHS x5 @ 145 (last week 135). 1 Clean Pull, 1 Clean, 2 Front squats x5 @ 185. 5×2 Clean Grip Deadlift w a 5 second descent 225. 2×8 Wlaking Lunges @ 75.

    Day 1 on this program is kicking my ass. I couldn’t summon up the energy for complexes on day 2 so I subbed out the more upper body centric accessory work and delayed the complexes till thursday. Happy with the snatch but my clean is pretty wretched. I feel stiff and slow and the setup position is consistently uncomfortable in the knees. Work in progress. But a bodyweight snatch seems very achievable.

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