Weekend Schedule for 10-15/16-16

October 15, 2016

Open Gym is 10-12 noon both days.

Open Prep- During this Olympic block, Saturday is your “keep in touch with non-barbell movements” day.  Here’s a kitchen sink chipper that will cover all your bases.  Looking forward, this can also be a very rough diagnostic as to what your weaker movements are.

Both chippers are 3 rounds, 3 movements none of which should take you much more than 1 minute per element.  If they do, I might classify that movement as “weak” or “needs attention”

WOD 1- 3 rounds for time

30 Doubles

20 Wallballs 20/14

15 Toes to Bar

Rest to Recovery

WOD 2- 3 rounds for time

15 Cals Row

10 Handstand Pushups

5 Ring Muscle Ups  (sub 15 pullups)

Also please join me in wishing our very own Kayla S.  and Kathleen (The K-Dawg!)  W. the very best of luck as they compete in the NC State Olympic Lifting Championships in Raleigh this Saturday.  Kayla’s an old pro at this, but Kathleen will be throwing down for the first time E V E R !!!   I am super-psyched.  Have fun Ladies!!!!


One comment

  1. 1 day late on my 1 rm’s this week. Snatch 175. After missing my first attempt, my second shot at 175 felt FAN TAS TIC. Lifetime PR is 180, so very pleased to be this close this early in the training block. C&J 205. Still very limited by my jerk. At 205 I’m power cleaning and getting good foot movement on the split. Not pushing quite as hard as I possibly could. Please at 205 after last week’s horrendous showing. Squatted up to 235×3 High bar and extra deep and didn;t push beyond that.

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