WOD for Friday 10-21-16

October 21, 2016


A) Repeat Squat Test from 10-7-16:  Back Squat Max reps in 1 minute @ 225/185/155-men or 155/115/85 – Women.  Please don’t short your depth.

B) EMOM x 40 minutes.  Best possibly score is 40 Rxd.

A- 2/1 Rope Ascents.  Scales– 1) 5 Chest to bar Pullup 2) 5 Pullups

B- 4/3 Wall Walkups.  Scale to 10 CrossOver Pushups

C- 8 Back Squats@ 155/105.  Scale to 115/80.

D- 16 Wallballs. Scale from 20/14 to lighter.

This is a repeat of 8-12-16.  With two changes,  First-Action C WAS power snatches but today IS back squats.  Second- Last time there was no male to female adjustments in any action, which handicapped the women.  This time, Rope and wall walkups have some measure of scaling.

These were my notes in the comments after the first time through this:  “Joan roped me into this one at 845. One of the worst experiences in recent memory! I got 32 out of 40 or 80%. First 3 rounds unbroken and then things really detoured into shitsville. I WILL say this workout has beautiful balance, in that the rope, the walkups the snatches and the wallballs were almost perfectly equal in their inflicted misery. Bring your A game for this one.”

Open Prep

1 Rep Max Snatch.  Then Two Singles @ 90%.

1 Rep Max Clean.  Then two singles @ 90%.

3 rep Max Back Squat.  Then 90% x 3 sets x 2 reps.



  1. bs: 13 @ 115
    work: 29/32 RX

    skipped round 2, 4 & 6 of wallballs – good day!

  2. BS 13 @ 115

    WOD: 27/32 skipped on the wall balls

  3. Back squat max: 15@225

    WOD: 23/32 pull ups


  4. BS- 10@115 (test-in)
    Work- 23…sigh…did crossover push-ups…and eventually my WB were below the line. Just thankful they were going over my head at the end. Only did 2 rounds of backsquats. Not a good day. I chalk it up to my inconsistency 😦

  5. BS 15@225……wod 6 RX

  6. i scaled the shit out of this and it was still kinda awful. I did the same exact as last time (pullups/CO PU/snatch 55/WB) and got 28/32 vs 32/40. So i think that’s better. took off one WB set every other round.
    i continued sweating until abut noon.

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