WOD for thursday 10/27 and friday 10/28.

October 27, 2016


Olympic Lifting

5 sets x 6 reps  Jerk Steps ESSENTIAL Video HERE.

Perform your first two sets of 6 with bar in the back rack.  last 3 sets with bar positioned overhead.

Split Jerk  5 sets x 2

Seated Box Jumps 6 Sets of 3 reps.  Sit on a box or a bench such that femurs are parallel to the ground.  From the seated position, jump to a safe box height.  Start low and advance as you see fit.You MUST fire your hip flexors quickly after reaching full extension.  It’s more “KNEES UP”  than “JUMP HIGH”.


A- 12 Minutes.  Find your 1 rm in the push jerk.  Don’t split and don’t push press.  Bar can come out of the rack.

B- At 65-70 % of A (round up)   10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push Jerk (Don’t split, don’t push press), 10 Burpees at the end of every round.  Total Volume is 55 Push Jerks, 100 burpees.  Caps at 12 Minutes.  Here, the bar comes off the ground.  Understand this is NOT shoulder to overhead.  You should be displaying command of the push jerk technique, NOT defaulting to a push press.  Please lower your weight if you cannot manage this technique.


Olympic Lifting

Max your snatch then 2 singles at 90%.

Then max your clean and jerks followed by 2 singles at 90%

3 RM Back Squat followed by 2 doubles at 90%.


A- 4×5 Front Squat Ascending.  Start pretty heavy and if you make it, go up 5-10 lbs per successful set.

B- Walking lunges.  2 x 16 (8 right, 8 left, alternate every rep).  Bar in the back rack.

C- Work:  For time–100 Wallballs 20/14lbs.  Every stop = PERFECT PUSHUPS as follows.  1st stop, 3 pushups.  2nd stop, 6 pushups, 3rd stop 9 pushups, etc etc.  Caps at 12 minutes.

D- Banded Squat Holds 3 x 30 Seconds.






  1. Thursday
    175 was max push jerk
    Wod 114 reps @ 120

  2. Thursday:

    225. Pretty mad that my poor techniques are preventing me from heavier weights without being called for a no rep.

    WOD: 110 @155. I completed the WOD but doing the Burpees in the same format instead of straight 10’s each round. I had 3 no reps out of the 55. It’s easy to be lazy and push press it when your tired. Thanks to Brandon for taking way to much time in helping me with form. This is a big weakness for me. To be strong and get no rep every time for correct form.

  3. 95 max 1 rep push jerk
    WOD 119 reps at 65lbs.

  4. Thurs
    Max push jerk: 120
    Work: 151@80

    • Friday
      Front Squat 140×5
      Work: 8:02rx

  5. 110 push jerk (that’s an overhead pr which is making me want to re evaluate my split jerk)
    WOD: 109 @ 75

  6. Thursday
    205 push jerk

    113 @ 125

  7. 110 push jerk. almost got 115, but i dropped it. dagnabit!
    got thru round of 4 push jerk/burpees. 119? @65.
    did 20mins ad easy.

  8. Brock Here- Open prep. 5×6 Jerk Steps at 75 lbs. Never done this before. felt like my default/natural split wanted to be bigger than 3 foot lengths. Could be indicative of a bad habit…? Split jerk 5×2 @ 185. All catches pretty clean. Perhaps couldve gone at 195? 6×3 Seated Box Jumps @ 24″.

  9. Friday
    Heaviest front squat 205
    Wod 7:35

  10. Friday: Crossfit
    Heaviest set of 5 FS 245. 185, 205, 225, 245
    Walking lunges @95
    WOD: 90 and 63 completed push-ups.

  11. Front Squat 5 rep @100 (got 105 3x & 102 3x)
    Walking lunges were making me dizzy so I stopped after one set @ 75
    Opted to row 10 min instead of WOD.
    Banded squats done.
    Drinking my progenex in hopes of shaking this feeling of crazy weakness and fatigue.

  12. FSx5 =110
    Work- 70WB…push-ups were legit until round of 15

  13. 16:02 – 75 wallballs (was up to 18 PUs which was brutal). I am not great at Wallballs, but was super happy to get 15 legit reps in a row for 2 rounds. It went to shit after that bc I could only string 9-10 together from that point on, and Whitney was right next to me killing it. I no rep’d myself 3 times. My arms feel like jello now….thanks Brock…

  14. Came in Saturday and did:

    1rm push jerk : 266
    Got 286 up but let it fall back off balance. Feel I have it but ran out of time at 12 min.

    Heaviest set of 5 front squat 266


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