WOD for Thursday. Specialty programming. Team Games. Thursday 10 AM Edit: OLYMPIC LIFTING CANCELLED for this evening. Sorry for any inconvenience.

November 3, 2016

The last day  to sign up for team games is Thursday 11-3.  We have 20 attendees, if you include all the people *I* signed up  (Mackie and Marcia) so we don’t ….NEED….more people, BUT we do…WANT… more people, and that means YOU!!  Sign up, unless you hate having fun and getting fitter.

Please be advised that our specialty programs,Yoga with Heather  and Olympic Lifting with Kayla are ON unless you hear otherwise.  I will try to be more consistent with notifying you of when they are happening.  But generally speaking, unless otherwise noted, Kayla is ON at 7pm on thursday and Heather is aligning your chakras at 8:45 on Saturday.   TAKE ADVANTAGE of these programs.  They are FREE to members.

THURSDAY 10 am Edit– Sorry for the late notice but Olympic Lifting is Cancelled for 7pm tonight.  Kayla was called out of town.

OK.  WOD for Thursday

Olympic Lifting/Open Prep

Snatch Balance 5×2 reps

Push Press + Split Jerk 5 x 2 + 1

Pullups AHAP 5×5 reps

Snatch Grip Barbell Bent Rows 5 x 3 reps


A) 12 minutes to establish a heavy single split jerk.  Come off racks or the blocks.

B) 4×8-10 reps Bar dips

C) Work- Run 1 Mile for time.  All out!  PR if you can.  Subs are: 2K row.  2 Mile Airdyne.  2k Ski Erg.

Absolutely Kill It on the work capacity.




  1. Split jerk heaviest was 185
    1 mile run 6:19

  2. Warm up mile 9 pace
    Stopped at 225 split Jerk with locked arms and good depth. Working on lighter weight with proper form.
    Mile: 7:12.

  3. Split jerk: 275 PR
    Mile: 11:28 not a PR. Thought I had a good pace to beat 10:42 PR from March but reality is i’m heavy and slow. Carrying 10-15 more pounds than back in March. Ready for diet contest!


  4. Split Jerk: 140
    Run: 6:27

  5. I measured out a mile at home and drew several looks and a flag down to ask what the hell I was doing circle the neighborhood loop for.
    6:13 mile

  6. split jerk 110.
    run: 7:43

  7. Split Jerk: 160
    Mile Run: 7:13 – this is a PR for me! Really felt like I was running through molasses and would finish in the high 8s. All that being said, the kids did their mile runs at school yesterday. Brody (almost 9yrs) ran a mile in 7:05! Nuts!

  8. 6 am open prep
    Snatch balance 5×2 @155
    Push press x2 + 1 split jerk @ 185
    Pull ups 5×5 @ bw+ 35

    6pm CrossFit
    Split jerk: 250 (25 lb PR)
    1 Mile run: 6:09

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