WOD for Thursday 11-10-16. Olympic Lifting is on at 7pm.

November 10, 2016

Brandon’s got you in the AM,  Kayla handles 5 and 6 and then at 7pm is Olympic lifting.


A- Find your 1 Rep Max in the strict Shoulder Press. Knees CANNOT move.  Bar locks out over the heel.  Hip and ankle angle change is acceptable.

B- Work:  30-20-10 For time of,   Burpee-Over-The-Box @ 24/20″,  Shoulder to overhead at 115/75.  Burpee, then jump or step up onto the box, jump down to the opposite side.  Full Extension on top of the box is NOT necessary.

C- Banded Scapular Retraction 2×20.

Olympic Lifting/Open Prep

Split Jerk- 6 x 1 rep (use Jerk Blocks or a rack)

Snatch Grip Push Press 6x 1 rep  (use Jerk Blocks or a rack.  Do NOT reload onto your back.  Drop from the top.)

Weighted pullups 5×5

Back Squat 3×5  reps



  1. Thursday: back and wrist still jacked up from Monday so I went easy today. Rolled out and stretched a lot.
    Strict shoulder press: stopped at 185. Wrist preventing me going heavier.
    WOD: 11:15 RX I did step ups to save my back.

  2. Strict shoulder press: 72
    Work: 17:43. Did the round of 30 rx and it took me WAY too long and my form was getting sketchy. Had to pick my pride up off the floor and move it out of the way.. and then did the last 2 rounds @65.

  3. sp: 95lbs – PR – I’ve been stuck at 90 for a long time!
    work: 12:58 @ 65lbs

  4. Heaviest shoulder press 155
    Wod 11:41 rx

  5. Shoulder Press: 95
    Work: 9:59rx

  6. SP- 70
    Skipped work. B/c of poor form in SP, felt a pull in my back. Did airdyne intervals for 15 minutes.

  7. 1 rm SP 215 PR


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