WOD for 11/11/16– Veterans Day. Weekend Schedule.

November 11, 2016

Open Gym is 10-12 both days.  There is NO YOGA Saturday.  Heather is getting her tooth removed.  Please check back for a possible rescheduling to Sunday morning, depending on how good Heather’s drugs are…

Also, some bench press PR’s with Adam and Drew bro-ing harder than they’ve ever bro-ed before. Joel H. 2 lb pr on today’s shoulder press.  As always, let me know when you hit a record.  That’s exciting stuff!

Very cool moment at today’s 1 PM.  New Jennifer S was digging her way through the Over the box burpee and S2O wod and was closing in on the time cap.  The whole class got behind her and cheered her to a narrow but time cap-beating last round.  Thanks to all who supported, and bravo Jennifer!  That was a great fight.


Open prep

Snatch Max.  No more than 3 misses at any one weight.

Clean and Jerk Max. No more than 3 misses at any one weight.

Back Squat- Find your 3 rm

GHD Back Extension 4x 10 reps.


Repeat Test from October 6th.

Back Squat Max reps in 1 minute @ 225/185/155-men or 155/115/85 – Women.  Please don’t short your depth.

Then–For Time

20 Overhead Reverse Lunge @ 95/65

20 Russian KB Swings 24/16

20 Doubles

30 Front Rack Reverse Lunge @ 95/65

30 Russian KB Swings 24/16

30 Doubles

40 Back Rack Reverse Lunges @ 95/65

40 Russian KB Swings 24/16

40 Doubles






  1. 1 min max reps back squat @ 225 = 14
    Wod 11:28 rx

  2. 1 min max BS @255 = 10
    WOD: 19:53 RX 😀! Finish under the cap

  3. Back squat max reps – 11@155
    Work: 10:00rx

  4. bs max reps: 16 @ 115
    work: 17:18 @ 35 oh, rx everything else

  5. Max BS 1 minute- 12@115…I believe I did 11 last time, but cannot find any record of it 😦

    Work- 19:20- 1st rnd- scaled OH to 20lbdumbelll, rx rest of round. 2nd&3rd- rx weights, scaled to singles…du were struggling…

  6. BS 16@225lbs (15 last time)…..wod 18:33rx

  7. 1 min max rep back squat 14 @ 255

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