WOD for Wednesday and Thursday 11/16-17/2016. Barbells for Boobs Charity Event. Thursday 7PM Olympic Wieghtlifting.

November 16, 2016

Special events

So CrossFit Inside Out, just off of Randall Drive is doing a Barbells For Boobs fundraiser.  As I understand it,  Barbells For Boobs is an event associated with the Susan Komen breast Cancer charity, and at various times they will pop up at a given CrossFit and throw a fundraiser.  The workout is almost always GRACE, which is 30 reps for time of Ground to Overhead at 135/95.  That’s happening THIS Saturday at 9am.

December 3rd, mark your calendars.  Heather will be hosting her bi-annual “Deep Yoga” workshop.  Details to follow, but count on two hours of awesomeness starting immediately after open gym.   This will be open to non members, so tell your all your stiff, unmobile friends.



A) Strength- 4 x Max Effort Ring Rows

Ring Row’s are hard to quantify so don;t worry too much about your “score” this period, rather just focus on getting some good fatigue in the pulling structures.

B) Work- Against a 2 minute clock, complete 2 rds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats) then hang snatch (power or full) with any remaining time. Rest 2 minutes x 4 cycles. Total Time 16 minutes.


A) Strength- 10 minutes to find your heaviest complete complex of 1 Shoulder press, 2 Push press, 3 Push Jerks.

B) Work- EMOM x 18 minutes (6 times through the cycle) a- Handstand Pushups 10/8, Row Calories 15/12, 2o Situps.

Open Prep/Olympic Lifting


A) 20 minutes of difficult monostructural activity.  B) Stretch and Roll anything that needs it.


Split Jerk 6 x 1 rep

Snatch Balance 6 x 1 rep

Snatch Grip Deadlift 5 x 2 reps





  1. Wednesday
    271 @ 115

  2. Wednesday:
    260 @ 65

  3. Wednesday

    Pull-ups fatigued from doing them yesterday for rope climbs.


  4. 264 reps @ 95lbs

  5. Top Tier Crossfit in Winston Salem

    ARMAP 6 SOH @135, 6 row calories in 5 min. Rest 4 then AMRAP 5 deadlifts @205 , 7 strict no thigh touch push-ups in 5 min. Rest 5 min. AMRAP 4 min cap max Burpee box jumps.
    Scores 8 full rounds, 2nd WOD 11 rounds, 3rd 33 box jumps
    Nice box in the downtown area.

  6. WOD
    262 @ 115

  7. Thursday:
    heaviest complex: 92 lbs
    work: scaled rounds 3-6 to 4 hspu, completed all other rounds rx

  8. Thursday:
    Complex: 100
    Work: row – 72; hspu – 46, subbed 10 pistols for 20 sit ups – 60

  9. Did the 40 degree treadmill
    It was a bitch on the lower back and I couldn’t complete the challenge as prescribed. I had to put my hands on the front of the panel to reduce the pressure on my lower back.
    203 cal through

  10. Oly…… 205 c&j…..235 clean…. both pr’s

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