WOD for Friday 11-18-16.

November 18, 2016


Run 800 m

30 Overhead Squats @ 95/65

Run 800 m

30 Front Squats @ 135/95

Run 800 m

30 Back Squats @ 185/135


Open Prep

Snatch Max

Clean and Jerk Max

Back Squat heavy triple

3×10 GHD Back extension


Open Gym is 10-12 both Saturday and Sunday.  Yoga is ON at 8:45 Saturday.

Please recall that December 3rd at noon is our Fall Yoga Intensive workshop.  Details and course description will post tomorrow!



  1. 22:58 rx

  2. 25:44 @ 55/75/105 – miserable

    tennis match last night, tennis tomorrow morning

  3. Doing my own thing, but I am trying to post so I can track it if necessary.
    -Chinese Row: 8@60. 8@60, 9@60 (then to fatigue at 40lbs)
    -15% incline press 8@55, 8 @55, 9@55, then some God awful fatigue set where Brock was trying to break my arms..can’t recall the reps or weight due to the fact that I have blocked it from my memory)
    -Tricep dumbbell extension: 10@10lbs, 10@10lbs, 10@ 10 lbs and then to fatigue at 8 lb
    Back squat 20 rep max: 85 lbs. That was too light. Will shoot for 100 next week.

  4. 24:01rx

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