WOD’s and schedule for Thanksgiving Week. Yoga workshop Details. Test out info.

November 21, 2016


Monday and Tuesday normal.

Wednesday 5 and 6 cancelled.

Thursday-  The return of the STUFFING BUSTER.  Details below

Friday- 6,7, 8:45 cancelled.  1 5 and 6 on.


CrossFit–  30 Rounds for time.  1 Snacth (full) @ 135/95.  2 Over The Bar Burpees.  3 Chest to bar pullups.

Open Prep/Final Week

Power Snatch Max!

Power Clean and Split Jerk Max

Front Squat 1 Rep Max

Max Height Box Jump (careful!)


CrossFit– A) Against a 10 minute clock work this complex for load.   1 Clean Pull, 1 Power Clean, 2 Front Squats.  B) Work-  AMRAP in 20:  5 Cleans @ 185/125, 10 Bar Dips, 15 Doubles.

Open Prep/ Final Week

Snacth Pull + Snatch + OHS    WORK UP TO AHAP.

Clean Pull + Clean and Jerk  WORK UP TO AHAP.

Snatch Grip Bent Row  Work to a 5 rep Max.


CrossFit- A) 3×8 Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press.  B) 5x 3 Strict Pullup.  C) Sprint Training-  1 Lap Sled Push AFAP @ 135/90 Rest to recovery.  4 Attempts for cumulative time.

Open Prep/Final Week

Split Jerk Max

Snatch Balance Max

Pullup 1 rep Max

Back Squat 3 rep Max

ThanksGiving Day-  The 3rd Annual Stuffing Buster.  Just like The Godfather, Part 3, this one’s sure to be the best one!!  Athlete Prep @ 8:30 am.  Workout heats roll out by 8:45.  Count on an hour to an hour and 20 minutes.

FIRST- 500 m row, 400 run 30 airdyne calories, 200 heavyrope singles, 100 steups 20/16″

THEN- 5000/4000 Lbs of Deadlifts.  (bars at 275, 225, 185, 135, 95)

4000/3000 Lbs of Back Squats (bars at 225, 185, 135, 115, 95 80)

3000/2000 lbs of Shoulder to Overhead (bars at 135, 115, 95, 80, 65)

2000/1000 Lbs of Kettlbell Swings (Kbs @ 70, 53, 35, 25)

1000/500 Lbs of Rope Climbs (divide by bodyweight to equal # of ascents)

Athlete briefings at 9 and 10.   Heats roughly every 5-10 minutes.

The first half is fairly standard issue and shouldn’t confuse too many of you. The second portion of the StuffingBuster will have multiple options for you, the athlete to choose among. As above, for the 5k/4k deadlift we will have bars loaded at 275, 225, 185 and 135 and will have noted the repetitions necessary on each bar to achieve the required total.

Athletes will count and judge their own reps. Guests are welcome and there is no charge, but we ask all guests to sign a waiver and non-crossfitters to restrict themselves to the first half of the double 1/2 decathlon (row, run, bike, jump rope step up).

Totally Scaleable.  Many people just do the first half, or just do half  the lifting volume,  and so on.  Join in the fun and impress all your sedentary relatives with tales of your workout.  This year, StuffingBuster competitors are guaranteed to LOSE weight on Thanksgiving day, or your entry fee is refunded.
Looking ahead to Saturday December 3rd.  Heather will be running a two hour yoga workshop from 12-2 pm.  The first hour will be specific strength movements (Yang practice) that will reinforce and supplement much of what we do in day to day Crossfit.  The second hour will be sustained asana poses (yin practice) designed to break up bound fascia and increase your end range flexibility.

Cost is $20 for members and $30 for guests.  $30 and 40 the day of.  Please sign up on the special events board.  We will cap this class at 16 people.




  1. Transformers
    (2) cleans at 225
    (3) muscle ups
    (4) hand stand push ups
    I used an abmat for hspu.

    • Congrats on being the only athlete to finish (and start) the workout!

  2. I have to miss the Thanksgiving Day stuffing buster. Is Oly Lifting off this week or is it potentially being done on Tuesday night instead??

  3. Monday: 1st day back after being out for a week. 30 RFT with cap.
    Score 22 RX

    • What’s the time cap?

      • 22:30

  4. Monday:
    16 + 3 with 55lb power snatch & c2b
    wasn’t feeling it today 😛

  5. Monday
    21:56 scaled to 115

  6. Monday CF = 21 rounds @ 65lbs and scaled to regular pull-ups with + 1 gray band assistance.

  7. Deadlift 8@135, 8@135, 9@135
    Strict shoulder press 8@55, 8@55, 8@55–9@40
    Reverse Lunges 10@40, 10@40, 10@40 (R+L)
    single arm bicep curls 8@12, 8@12, 9@12—8@8
    Ab mat sit ups with 10 lb ball 4×25

  8. I got 28rds and one ripped hand scaling to 115.

  9. 24 rounds +1 @ 75

  10. Monday
    19 RX


  11. Tuesday
    Heaviest cycle 185
    Wod 10 rounds + 10 reps @ 165

  12. Tuesday: due to a reoccurring wrist injury I had to skip the work on part one and scale to deadlift on the WOD
    WOD: 8 rounds + 5 sub cleans for 275 deadlifts

  13. Tuesday
    Heaviest cycle 225
    Wod 5rounds + 26reps @ 185, band assist, and single jump rope.

  14. 10 min 40 degree incline treadmill =145
    Sit ups with 10 lb ball

  15. Tuesday:
    heaviest cycle: 120
    work: 6 rounds + 2 @ 105, +1 band & dus

    last year: 4 rounds + 7 @ 95lbs, red band bar dips & dus but had just come back after a month long of pneumonia

  16. Monday
    23 rounds in 16 mins @ 125 lbs power snatch
    Hands ripped and forced a stop

  17. Tuesday cycle 205…… wod 4 rounds plus 15 reps RX

  18. Wednesday
    Sitting shoulder press @45
    Strict pull ups +25,25,25,25,50
    Sled push. 22,20,20,24 = 86

  19. Turkey Buster. 33:37 RX. Thank you Brock for allowing me to make room for more Food!!

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