Test Out, Check In. CrossFit for the week.

November 28, 2016

Open Prep first.  You are testing out of and wrapping up your Olympic Lifting Phase and immediately starting your Monostructural Metcon phase.  The Open starts Feb 23rd, or 87 days from now,  basically 12 weeks.  The majority of this month (December) your workouts will be simple/straightforward single element tests.  Your toolbox from here through the Open’s conclusion will be limited to the things we’ve seen over the last 6 years of Open events:  That’s Deadlifts, thruster, snatch, S2O, cleans and Overhead Squats  and Overhead walking Lunges for barbell elements.  Ring and bar Muscleups, Pullups, Chest to Bar Pullups and Toes to Bar for hanging strength.  Box Jumps, Doubles, WallBalls, Burpees, Handstand Pushups and the Row round out the movements.  The toolbox is pretty narrow.  The main concern here is improving your local muscle endurance.  Technique and pacing both factor in as well.

PLEASE record your scores here and on the Open Prep board.  Part of this month is determining what you need to prioritize and seeing how you stack up to other athletes is a very helpful metric, especially when you have some idea of what they are capable of.

I’ve programmed 5 workouts per week covering the next 4 weeks with an eye toward addressing all of the movements you’re likely to see, in loads and patterns that will peak you for the open.  There is not much priority placed on test-retest like in some of our other phases.   I have been very conscious of not overburdening the shoulder capsule, but if there comes a time where you feel like your shoulders need a day off, by all means take it.  On that note, there are 2 programmed “shoulder Prehab”  periods.  Please take them seriously!

Your wod for monday 11-28-16 is

Max Snatch

Max Clean and Jerk

50 Power Cleans for time @ 135.   Every Drop is a mandatory 10 seconds of rest.  What I want is for you to work on cycling and not pull-drop, pull-drop even though that is a totally valid plan.  This is training, not competition.  Build your ability to cycle reps.


Monday–  Test out Clean and Shoulder Press

A-Find your 1 Rep Max in the strict Shoulder Press. Knees CANNOT move.  Bar locks out over the heel.  Hip and ankle angle change is acceptable.

B-(Repeat test from 10/18 & also 11/8) Max reps Power Clean in one minute with these loads.

Rest 5 minutes then

WORK — For time

15 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95

30/20 Airdyne Calories

15 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95


A- Repeat test from 10/9 and 11/9.  Max Rep Unbroken Dead Hang Pullups.  Bodyweight up to 10.  If you can do 10 strict deadhang pullups at Bodyweight then you test in at BW + 25 Lbs via a belt. Full extension.  Visible stop.

B- Repeat test from 10/6 and 11/11.  Back Squat Max reps in 1 minute @ 225/185/155-men or 155/115/85 – Women.  Please don’t short your depth.

Work- AMRAP in 10 Minutes 10 Bodyweight Back Squats, 10 Pullups, 10 Burpees.  Ninja’s!  Today is your day.

Wednesday-  Balance/Unilateral –  Single leg Deadlift 3×8 r and l.  Work:  CrossFit Open Workout 14.3  Link HERE.  Deadlifts and Box Jumps.

Thursday– 10 minutes work to a heavy single in the Hang Squat Snatch.    Work:  2 on 4 off Row interval for calories.

Friday – (last performed 6/25/16) 4 Rounds for time.  3 Minutes rest per round.  40 KB Swings 24/16, 30 Wallballs, 20 Burpees, 10 Box Jumps 30/24.




  1. Monday
    Shoulder press 155
    Max cleans in 1 min 11@175 last time 17 @ 155
    Wod 6:33 rx

  2. Monday
    Shoulder press 215 (performed two Saturday’s back for PR)
    Max cleans in 1 min 13@195 ( had a miss in number 7) last time 16@ 175, 14@175, 18@155.
    Wod 7:40 RX

  3. Monday:
    sp: 92, test in 90
    max cleans: 5 @ 115, test in 15 @ 95

    work: 6:05 @ 75

  4. Tuesday
    Skipped pull ups
    Back squat 15 @ 225. Last time 14
    Wod 144 reps rx. Body weight 177

  5. Tuesday: pull ups BW 205 + 25 x 7
    Back Squats 12@255 vs 10 last time
    WOD: 74 RX@205

  6. Tuesday pull-ups 14@25lbs…..Squats 17@225lbs….. wod 90rx (185lbs)

  7. Friday
    31:51 rx

  8. Friday:
    31:13 – 3 rounds rx

    First time doing all actions rx in a long time.
    We’ve done variations of this on 6/24/16, 12/16/16, 10/16/15, 4/29/14, 5/27/14 & 10/18/13 if anyone wants to look back. Apparently Brock likes this one! 😉

  9. Friday Crossfit WOD – I got through 3 total rounds in 34:27. Not including the rest periods my times were 9:04 round 1, 9:28 round 2 and 9:55 round 3. I scaled the box jumps to 20″ box jumps. All other movements were RX. I no repped myself on more wallballs than I care to admit. I missed the box on my 7th box jump in the 2nd round. I’ve never hit the box that hard before and I won’t lie…it hurt like hell, but I pushed through it.

  10. Friday: 36:12 RX
    SPLITS 6:29, 16:21, 25:54,

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