WOD for thursday 12-1-16. Yoga Workshop this saturday 12 noon.

December 1, 2016

Holy Crap, it’s december…


A- Technique- Ten minutes:  work to a heavy single in the hang squat snatch.   While we will record a score (heaviest single rep load),  make your front burner concern technical mastery.  Stay as light as necessary to catch and descend, then rise.  So today, no “Hang Power Snatch followed by an overhead squat”.  Catch and ride it down.

B- Work- 2 minutes on, 4 minutes off x 5 rounds.  Row for calories.  Max Effort.  All 5 rounds should be extremely unpleasant.

Open Prep

Warmup (light intensity, good movement)-  10 Hang power Snatches, 10 Hang Squat Snatches, 10 Overhead Squats x2 rounds.  No demand that you go unbroken,  but good, crisp technical movement.

Work-  2 scores.
First- 75 Overhead Squats for time

Second- Mark the time at the conclusion of your 75th overhead squat.  Right away, you have 2 minutes to get as many backsquats as you can at 95/65.  So, if I finish my 75th OHS at 5:14  I have until 7:14 to get as many reps as possible of 95  lb backsquats.  I can put the bar down,  I can go immediately from OHS to back rack and start squatting etc.  If i get 41 squats between 5:14 and 7:14  my scores are 5:14 and 41 reps



  1. Snatch 115
    Row 42, 43, 40, 39, 40 = 204

  2. Hang snatch 165 PR
    Row 39, 42, 41, 38, 39 = 199

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