WOD for Monday 12-5-16. Check in for Charity Updates.

December 5, 2016

Since Thanksgiving day we’ve had 153 separate “check-in’s  for Charity”,  not a BAD start, but well short of our goal of 1000 lbs by Christmas.  It occurs to me that some of you who checked in frequently last year have yet to do so this year, perhaps because last year we incentivized (bribed)  you with a free bag of Progenex.   While contrary to the spirit of the season… who cares?!?   I’ll take help for abandoned dogs from even the blackest of hearts.  So,  the member with the most checkin’s gets a free bag of Progenex.  Check-in’s are NOT limited by honesty but ARE limited by 1 per day.  So if you check in from your couch during your Vampire Diaries marathon, it definitely counts, but if you go to the gym later that day, you can’t check in again.

WOD’s for monday are


EOMOM x 20  (10 Cycles)

5 Cleans, 5 Shoulder to Overhead, 5 Front Rack Lunges Left, 5 Front Rack Lunges Right.

Score is the  weight on the bar of any successfully completed cycle.  So if I do the above for all 10 cycles at 135,  my score for the WOD is 1350.  If I miss some aspect of my 10th cycle my score would be 135×9 or 1215.  Etc..  So you choose the weight every cycle.

Open Prep

Work up to 90% of your snatch 1 rep max.  x 3 reps.

Work up to 90% of your C&J 1 rep max.  x 3 reps.

Athlete’s choice-  1 Olympic Drill.

Work- 75 snatches for time at 75/55.



  1. Monday: 1110: 135×3, 95×5, 115×2
    Lunges killed me!!

  2. Monday

  3. 1110

  4. 470

  5. Front Squats – 160 x 5, was going for 4 sets but only got 2 in the 4th set
    Work: 710

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