Wod for Wednesday 12/7/16

December 7, 2016


Establish your 2016  CrossFit Total.  That is, 24 minutes (8 per lift) to establish your 1 Rep Max in the Strict Shoulder Press, Back Squat and Deadlift.  One of the very first strength metrics adopted by CrossFit.  Be as intense as you safely can.  Lifts are performed IN ORDER and you have 8 minutes per lift.  Your CFT is the cumulative poundage across all 3.

Optional metabolic:  ANNIE  50-40-30-20-10  Double Unders/Situps.  Also known as “the only named workout that’s actually not very hard”.

Open Prep

Row Conditioning

3 rounds for time:  50 row calories.  16 Steps alternating legs every rep,  overhead walking lunges @ 95/65.



  1. Shoulder Press. 185
    Back Squat. 315
    Dead lift. 335
    Total. 835

  2. Shoulder press: 160
    Back squat: 260
    Deadlift: 310
    Total: 730

    Annie: 7:31

    • Greg

  3. Shoulder press- 70
    Back squat- 115
    Deadlift- 135
    Total: 320

  4. sp: 91
    bs: 185
    dl: 225
    total: 501 PR – last time 460 (10/4/2011)

    P.S. My cft today is 1 point better than Whitney’s score 5 years ago ;-P

    • Annie: 8:52

  5. SP-70

    Annie- 12:52 rx 1st time rx. DU kept getting better…round of 10 unbroken

  6. two days late I did RANDY (75 snatches at 75 lbs) in a PR of 4:41. 15 a minute for the first 3 minutes and then 12-8-10 in the last 1:41. I was fresh and I used the smooth spinning oly bar. Still, that’s a good time for me. I’d recommend that pace to most people.

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