WOD for Friday and the Weekend Schedule.

December 9, 2016


Open Prep

At 0:00  – 50 Toes to Bar for time.

At 5:00 – 50 Thursters @ 95/65 for time.

At 10:00 –  50 Shoulder to Overhead @ 95/65 for time.


Work:  21 Toes to bar, 21 Back Squats @ 95/65,  15 Toes to Bar, 15 Front Squats @ 95/65, 9 Toes to Bar, 9 Overhead Squats @ 95/65

rest to recovery

Static Strength

For time, straight through all three actions:

Accumulate 1 minute for time in a static hold at the top of the rings.

Accumulate 2 minutes in a handstand against the wall.

Accumulate 3 minutes in a static hold at the top of a pushup.

Keep track of your time in the hold, resting as little as possible.  best possible time for this workout would be 6:20  giving you 10 seconds to transition and going unbroken in all the static holds.  Caps at 12 minutes.

Weekend Schedule

Yoga is ON at 8:45 Saturday.  Open gym is Sat and Sun 10-12 noon.




  1. Friday: WOD #1 5:36 RX very slow
    WOD#2 9:15 RX Definitely favors the lighter and smaller person.

  2. Wod 1
    3:49 rx
    Wod 2
    9:50 rx

  3. t2b/squats: 6:22 rx
    static holds: 7:55 rx

    Today was a good day to be short!

  4. Work: 4:26rx
    static holds 7:00rx

  5. #1-7:19 knee raises, 35lb OHS
    #2-11:10 wall walkup

  6. Open prep a day late. Ascending deadlifts x 15 @ 135/185/225/275/315 ten burpees between each round. 8:31. Unbroken @ 135/185/225. 9-6 on the 275. 5-5-4-1 (oops) on the 315. I did Randy (75 snatches at 75 lbs) two days prior and got 4:41 which is a PR although it’s been 3 years easily since I last did it.

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