WOD for Friday 12-16-16

December 16, 2016

Dear Members and Friends-  after 2,106 posts, this is my last one in this capacity.  I’m sure that more than once you wished I’d wrap it up!  Please indulge me one last time.

Lots of ground to cover.  First and very much foremost, from both myself and Whitney: THANK YOU for your support, patronage and friendship over some to (in a few cases) all of the last 7 years.   That’s a good chunk of your life,  a decent amount of money, a lot of shared suffering, and hopefully some laughs and progress and good memories here and there as well.  I will miss instructing and interacting with you tremendously.

My last day of instruction is tomorrow and please recall that at 5 pm, in lieu of our normal schedule of sessions at 5 and 6, we will run heats of the workout of the day followed by an informal meet and greet with new owners Jordan and Joel.  Island Tacos is doing the food and drinks, (they’ll  be some beer) and we’ll toast to old times and to new beginnings.

Please note that Facebook, Instagram and (immediately after this post),  THIS page, will remain intact but will no longer be my voice or Whitney’s.  But you can continue to look for updates and info from those sources.

If you are holding a key to the gym  (Rick, Jill, Kayla, Brandon) please check with Jordan or Joel as to whether they want them back.  Also, if you regularly access the gym per agreements with me, please do not continue to do so without checking in with the new ownership.

Both Sides/Open Prep and CrossFit,  your workout is

“The reverse ladder”

For time

25 Squat Cleans @ 95/65, 5 Burpees

20 Squat Cleans @ 95/65, 10 Burpees

15 Squat Cleans @ 95/65, 15 Burpees

10 Squat Cleans @ 95/65,  20 Burpees

5 Squat Cleans @ 95/65, 25 Burpees

Sorry about the burpees for the second time in 3 days.  I can honestly say “I’ll never make you do burpees again”.
Open Prep-  Next week is your last in this current training block.  Thereafter you are in your final phase as the open draws closer and your programming will be addressed by Jordan and Joel.   Below is the last of the “Monostrucural Metcons” and you’ll see some tests similar to the first week in this block.  I’ll be alongside you and am looking forward to the open quite a bit!

Monday-  Work to a heavy single in the snatch,  the clean and the jerk (not necessarily the Clean and Jerk).  Then- 50 cleans for time at 135.

Tuesday- EOMOM  3 to 5 Bar muscleups  x 5.  rest 5.  EOMOM  3 to 5 Ring Muscleups x 5.  rest 5.   EOMOM 3 to 5 Chest to Bar Pullups x 5.

Wednesday- E3MOM- Row 30 calories as fast as possible.  x 3.

Thursday- For 1 cumulative time.  50 Box Jumps, 50 Wallballs, 50 deadlifts @ 225.

Friday- For time.  50-40-30-20-10 Thrusters @ 95.   50 Doubles between each round.


Lastly,  as stated, there is much I will miss, but I am very excited about the prospects for the gym!  Lots more details revealed tomorrow, but some very cool stuff is already trickling in.  Have a great time and enjoy the ride.  I look forward to witnessing your progress.


Warmest regards and thank you all,

Whitney and Brock






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