December 19th Group Classe

December 19, 2016

Hey folks!


We(Jordan & Joel) will continue posting on the blog for a while as we transition to the Wodify system. We will be releasing a new website  in a few weeks; this is super exciting for us and we will be sure to keep everyone aware of where to retrieve information in the coming weeks.  Programming for tomorrow:

Warm Up:

Mobility work and group conversation, followed by

7 Min AMRAC (As many rounds as comfortable)

10 Air squats with 2 second pause in the bottom

5 Pullups or ring rows, 1 second pause at the chest

20 meter duck walk.

Strength Skill

     A-1: Back Squat 4×8 (20×1) @ 60% of a 1 Rep Max

A-2: Weighted C2B Pull Ups 4×4 (21X1)


15 Minute Partner AMRAP-1 partner working at a time

3 Back Squats @ today’s best 8 rep

100 meter shuttle

Each partner must complete a full round before tagging out.


See you soon!




  1. Can I do Olympic Lifting tomorrow instead?

  2. Sounds great!

  3. What does (20×1) and (21×1) mean after the 4×8 and 4×4?

  4. Partner was Aaron Johnson. Squats 225 for all sets.
    WOD cut to 10 min instead of 15 due to time. 13 rounds all done at 225 RX

  5. I did the warm up with the group then split off and did Week 2/Day 1 of Kayla’s Olympic Lifting Program. The Duck walk was interesting. I’m not sure how well I was doing it, but it sure beats the bear crawl or grasshoppers. 🙂 The rearranged floor plan is looking great Joel and Jordan!

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