Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, December 20, 21, 22

December 20, 2016

What’s up, folks?

Great first day.  Lots of excellent effort on the quick back squats and shuttle sprint efforts today.  Y’all really know how to kick it in when the time limit starts closing in!


For those with questions on Open programming:  Brock had posted this weeks programming, at the end of last week.  His planned cycle finished up at this time.  Please see posts below for prescription.  After this week you will see more info for the “Competitor’s Programming”.  The concept will be the same and I look forward to partnering with all of you that are interested in this journey.


Christmas Eve:  Saturday 24th.  We plan on having two heats for the 12 Days of Fitness Festivus.  Set up like class time at 10:00&11:00.  I welcome you all to join for an undisclosed but undoubtedly long burner.  Nothing crazy hard, but a tip of the hat and gratitude for all of us to be grateful in our minds and bodies.


Normal Classes:


Warm Up

Amrac 7

250m row

10 push ups

10 kettlebell good mornings


A-1: 3×10 Strict Handstand Pushups.  Increasing deficit as able.

A-2: 2 rounds of max distance 2 hand Farmers Carry @ 1.5/1pood



800M row

25Push Press 135/95

800M Run

25 Pull ups



Warm Up

7 Min Amrac

200m run

10 inverse burpees

6 dumbell highpulls


A1- 3 Rnds of row 500m (10 sec slower than best 500m)

immedietely followed by

A2-10 burpees over erg(sprint) Rest 3 minutes


15 min AMRAP

400m run


6Goblet Squats (1.5/1pood)



Warm Up

7 min amrac

10 walking lunges

20 partner plank patty cakes

10 kettlebell swings


4×4 Weighted Dips @(20X1)

3×8 Deadlift @ (20X1)



30 clean and jerk for time



See you all soon!




  1. Tuesday: 11:00 RX

  2. Tuesday 10:29 rx

  3. Tuesday:
    farmer’s carry: 25 lengths which I think equals 500 meters
    hspu: 45lb plate under head

    work: 16:39 @ 65lbs – lungs still aren’t quite functioning

  4. Tuesday 12:38 @ 65lbs

  5. Wednesday: row/Burpees splits 2:24, 2:17, 2:24
    WOD. 4 rounds plus 16 RX

  6. Wednesday
    Row 2:17, 2:24, 2:20
    Wod 4 rounds + 1 (did wall 4 walk ups instead of HSPU).

  7. Wednesday:
    row: 3:12, 3:04, 2:59
    work: 2 rounds with 6 rx hspu instead of 12 was all my lungs could handle

  8. Tuesday: 15:36 @ 65 lbs.
    Wednesday: 2:56, 3:06, 3:07
    2 rounds + 11 HSPU Rx . The HSPU’s degraded really quickly and took up a lot of my time.

  9. Thursday. Destroyed Grace today. 1:39 PR RX. Previous time 2:00
    Deadlifts 3×8. 275, 305, 305
    Weighted ring dips 4×4 BW 201lbs +25, + 53, 53, 53

    • Congrats, Larry. That was impressive!

  10. Grace: 6:12 @ 85 lbs. opted for heavy vs faster in hopes that I can get to Rx someday.
    3×8 deadlift at 115- went light because my back is not 100%
    Bar dips 4×4, some bw, some with +1 band

  11. Grace
    4:42 rx

  12. Grace 3:56

    I think last time was 15-20 seconds faster.


  13. Saw the membership rates on the main cfcb website, $200 for unlimited classes, is that for real??

    • I just saw. Hopefully for new members only???

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