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WOd for Friday. Holiday Weekend Schedule. Legacy Details.

August 30, 2013

Strength 1– Squat movement 4×8 for load.

Strength 2– 3×16 (8 r 8 l) Walking Lunge for load/completion.

Work–  In any order accumulate , 100 Situps, 100 Jack Knives (50 r 50 l) 2 Minutes of Flutter Kicks.  For Completion, but aim for 6-8 Minutes.


Saturday– Open Gym 10-12.

Sunday– Closed

Monday (Labor Day) — TBD WOD will be prescribed, gym open from 10-12.


Competitors, go to Facebook and search the words LEGACY SERIES.  The first 3 wods are up and there are video demonstrations.  Melody T.  is going, and I am leaning that way as well.  As always, you are encouraged to compete.  There are scaled divisions and teams of 2 with any mix of genders.    Sept 28.  4 Weeks from this saturday.


WOD for Thursday 2-28-13

August 29, 2013


Technique/Skill- 7 Minutes –  Clean.  7 Minutes- Split Jerk.  Athletes who are doing the Clean and the Split Jerk during the Strength Bias have the option of working on the snatch.

Work-  For time:  1 to 8 Clean and Jerk at 155/105, 5 Burpees per round.

So, 1 C&J then 5 Burpees, 2 C&J then 5 Burpees, 3 C&J then five Burpees up to 8.  Capped at 8 Minutes.

Rest 5 Minutes then

1 Attempt.  400 m Farmers Walk for time.  M- 2x24kg kettlebell.  W-2x16kg  kettlebell.


WOD for Wednesday 8-28-13. Progenex and Competitions are coming.

August 28, 2013

Strength 1- Weighted Pullup 4×8

Strength 2-  Every Other Minute on the minute a) Max Rep Pullups or b) 5-8 Negative Pullups (3 second descent) 

Skill- 10 Minutes Pistol Practice

Work- 50 GHD Situps for completion.


Competitive athletes, be advised of a big competition in Geenville, NC this Sept 28th.   Divisions for Male, Female, Masters and MM/FF/MF teams. for early details.

Lastly, I’m pleased to announce that we’ll begin stocking some Progenex products available mid september.  Ever since we opened our doors in Dec. 2010 I’ve been approached and solicited by probably 2-3 vendors a week selling something related to CrossFit,  shake and supplements chief among them.  The WASP in me was, for a long while, reluctant to be perceived as pushing products, but two factors have changed my opinion.  The first is that a few of you have asked after buying supplements.  These people buy them anyway and would just as soon keep the money in the gym.  This sentiment is very appreciated, so thanks to all of you who have expressed such.  The second is the palpable efficacy of Progenex.  In simple terms, Progenex works.  I have taken and continue to take some supplements that have strong science behind them (fish oil, creatine) but their effects are vague or mild or slow.  In my experience, two supplements have produced an immediate and palpable effect and they are high dosage BCAA’s and Progenex’s recovery formula.  Both have contributed to a noticeable reduction in muscle soreness, in my case reducing the time needed to recovery from 3 days down to 2 and/or 2 days down to 1.  This equals x more training exposures per year and therefore faster fitness progress.  Progenex has other products aside from their recovery formula, and I will be trying them out myself before deciding if we will stock them.  The majority of what I will initially order will be the recovery formula that I have used and been impressed by.   

We’ll have a sample day or two in the gym so that interested parties can try out the flavors.  I think the mocha is the best tasting shake I’ve ever had, but chocolate and vanilla were good as well.  Details soon. meanwhile.





WODs for Monday and Tuesday 8-26 & 27-13

August 26, 2013


Strength 1- Deadlift 4×8 for Load.   If you are performing the clean:   Singles at 90-95%

Strength 2-   Deadlifters: 3x through the cycle as follows– a) 5 barbell shrugs @ 70-75% of Strength 1 immediately followed by b) 5 Stiff-legged Deadlifts @ same.   Clean- 3×5 Clean grip Deadlift for load.

Work- For time-  500 m row, 400m run, 300 jump rope singles, 200 m backwards run, 100 airsquats.



Strength 1- Shoulder Press/Push Press- 4×8 for Load.  Push Jerk- Singles at 90-95% of 1 rm.

Strength 2/Work-  100 Thrusters for time 95/65

Prehab-  Band resisted scapular retraction



Open gym is sat 10-12

August 24, 2013

WOD for Friday 8-23-13

August 23, 2013

Strength 1-  Squat 4×8 for load.

Strength 2- 3×5 A2A (ass to ankle)  Squat (front Squat if Strength 1 was Back Squat,  High Bar Back Squat if Strength 1 was Front Squat) Tempo Controlled at 2-2-2-0

Work-  5 rounds for time of

10 Close Grip Bench 135/80 (scale with weight)

5 Rope Pullups (scale with Horizontal to Vertical pulls)

Prehab/For Completion-  Resistance band scapular retraction 2×20.




WOD for Thursday 8-22-13

August 22, 2013

Skill/Warmup Combined-  Mixed 10 Minutes Double Under Practice.

Technique-  10 Min Snatch Balance.  Work To a Medium Heavy Load. Prioritize a low catch.


Rotating Groups of 3.  5 Reps Backward Tire Drag-  Down and back for time.  M Tire + 40lbs , W Tire + 20lbs. Score is total time.


Rotating Groups of 3.  2 attempts at 1 Minute Max reps 5 Meter Shuttle run.  Score is total reps for both attempts.