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WOD for Tuesday 3-31-15

March 31, 2015

Linear progression: (herafter referred to as GOLD programming. That sounds glamorous and valuable)
Test 1 rm Squat (front or back)
4×8 Squat at approx 75%. If you are in danger of missing reps, please adjust weight down.
WOD- EMOM x 15 (5 cycles) a) Airdyne Calories 15/12 b) Wall Walk ups 3/2 c)2 Rope Climbs

4×5 (Hereafter referred to as BLACK programming. This sounds sinister and hardcore.)

Complete any testing or 4×5 not finished yesterday. If all of the above are done, you work capacity is

30 doubles, 15 Grasshoppers


Dual Strength Bias Programs. Wods for Monday 3-30-15

March 30, 2015

Briefly, first: On Saturday, I spoke at length about my path throughout the next year, with the goal of peaking for and doing well in the 2016 CF Open. We spent a little time, not as much as I had hoped, on preparing for a fitness challenge outside the CrossFit framework. Triathlons, Powerlifting, Single lifts, maybe a goal like 50 consecutive pullups, etc. In all cases it comes down to this: You present me with the WHAT and WHEN of your goal, I will give you input on the HOW. As an example lets take Todd’s goal of improving his triathlon (while still staying active in CrossFit) and lets say it’s 12 weeks away.

We might do the following: We’d determine how many days he can devote to training, and let’s say it’s 5 days a week. We split up the 12 weeks into 3rds.

The first 4 weeks we divide his five days as follows 2 CF workouts, 1 bike ride, 1 swim and 1 CF workout that’s has a high running component.

The middle four weeks we go 2 CF workouts, and 1 workout each devoted to run, bike, swim.

The last 4 weeks we drop to 1 CF workout WITH a running component. We drop all all resistance training on Todd’s legs, and we get an exclusive run, bike and swim. The 5th workout is either all three elements of the tri or perhaps only 2 if logistics or schedule demands this.

And in general, that is somewhat similar to how we’d train for any specific goal. We’d get closer and closer to the exact specs of the competition or fitness test as we get chronologically closer to the date. Your CF (general) work goes down and your specific work frequency (not necessarily volume) goes up.

I’m happy to create a broad roadmap like what’s above for any member at no cost. Beyond that there would be some fees associated, depending on time demand. We’d work that out individually. That said, the truth is you can also find some good online resources for free. Google “5k training program” or “500 lb deadlift” and explore.

As of today, The CF Open is over, and in step with that our training pivots away from the Metabolic focus that the Open demands. For the next 9 weeks we will be biasing our time towards strength development. Under that umbrella we have 2 pathways:

The first is what we call linear progression, and this program is strongly recommended for the following athletes:

1)You’ve never done one of our strength programs before.
2)You have done this before and enjoyed it and got some progress.
3)Your schedule changes from week to week.
3)You still want a decent (3-4 a week) dose of metcons. If you wanted to be a meathead weightlifter you’d join Gold’s Gym for Fu*k’s sake.

This program goes as follows: You’ll perform a different lift every weekday (m-pullup, tu-squat, w-bench press, th-shoulder press, f-deadlift) some measure of accessory work that will vary from week to week, and thereafter a medium length metcon. This is a good measure of consistency, variety and volume that has, in the past, added an average of 15-16% to the strength totals of first timers and 8-10% on subsequent attempts.

A second option we’ll call 4×5 is suggested for anyone who:

1) Has already done our linear progression cycle and would prefer to do something else.
2) Is less concerned with a temporary decline in metabolic capacity.
3) Likes to chest bump, forearm smash, calls your friends “Bro” and spells gainZ with a capitol “Z”.

This program has the athlete lifting Squats and Shoulder Presses and pulling actions (pullups, rows etc) and accessory work on both M and F. Deadlifting at low volume on Wednesday. No weights at all on tuesday and thursday. There will be some very short metcon activity on M and F with longer wods Tu and Th and recovery/ mobility programmed Wednesday.

In both programs, 2 things are vital. First, you must be consistent with your exposures to the lifts. Scattershot attendance really hampers the efficacy of what we’re trying to do, which is progressively overload a movement. Second, you MUST document your lifts. If you can’t spring for a phone app or a notebook, or are somebody who just likes to “play it by ear” or “listen to my body” your time will be poorly spent. You must know where you were last week in order to progress. Guesstimating is a total waste.

In this first week we’ll test and then perform the main lift. in subsequent weeks there is no test and we will run the main lift plus accessory work.

Linear Progression
Test 1 rep max and then perform 4×8 starting at 75% of the 1 rm figure.
So for Monday 3-30 You would first Test your 1 rm in the pullup. Then take 75% of that value and try to get 8 reps unbroken. You would adjust somewhat up or possibly down from that value for the next 3 sets. Work capacity follows and is FREDDY’S REVENGE– 5 rft 5 s20 @ 185/115, 10 Burpees.

Establish 1 RM’s in the Squat, Shoulder Press and Pullup. Perform 4×5 @ 80% for all sets. With any time remaining your work capacity is AMRAP in 8. 8 Wallballs/8 Pullups.


WOD for 3-27-15 Friday

March 27, 2015

For time
27 calories Row, 27 Thrusters 95, 65
21 & 21
15 & 15
9 & 9

Row is Leg drive in an “L” shape, then pull. Thrusters are leg drive in a vertical stance and a push. Combined and this WOD should be pretty mean.

This is your last 1. Give it your very best.


WOD for Thursday 3-26-17

March 26, 2015

For Time. 30 minute cap.

Run 1 mile
25 Pullups (Strict)
25 Pullups (Any Style)
25 Shoulder press 95/65
25 Push Press 95/65

run 400 m
25 Pullups (strict)
run 400 m
25 pullups (any style
run 400 m
25 Shoulder press 95/65
run 400 m
25 Push Press

Further scale via 1) less weight 2) less reps per round. Keep the runs intact if at all possible.


Interval day/Partner Workout 3-25-15

March 25, 2015

As a pair, in any order

A) Max Calories on the Airdyne in 10 minutes.

B) Max Rep Kettlebell Swings in 8 mins 53/35

C) Max Rep Heavy Rope in 6 minutes

D) Max Rep 5 m Shuttle run in 4 minutes

Rest 2 minutes between each action.

Partner’s randomly assigned by card draw, so don’t worry about the “I don;t wanna be the last kid picked” dynamic. Split up the action any way you like. be nice to your partner, especially if they’re new.


WOD for 3-24-15

March 24, 2015

Deadlift 225/155/Ring Dip

rest 1 to 1 then

B-For Reps
max effort in 3 minutes Close Grip Bench Press m-75% BW. w-50%Body weight

rest as needed then

C- 3×15 GHD Back Extensions


D- Stretch and roll out the spinal erectors (low back)


WOD for Monday3-23-15

March 23, 2015

For Time- 10 Minute Cap

50 Calories on the c2 row
40 Box Jumps
30 Over The bar Burpees
20 Front Squats 135/95
10 Shoulder To Overhead 135/95

rest 10 Minutes then

for time-10 minute cap

10 Shoulder to overhead 135/95
20 Front Squats 135/95
30 Over The bar Burpees
40 Box Jumps
50 Calories on the c2 row